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OBNUG Pick 'Em Contest - Week 4 Results

Another week, another set of stunning upsets. Not only was there upheaval in the top 10, but the WAC also saw its fair share of upsets this week, too. Not an upset? People like the chance to win free Baja Fresh; ergo, we had a high of 44 entries this week. 

Join me after the jump for this week's results and observations. Spoiler alert: the tiebreaker may actually mean something this week!

Mikrino, you're an oracle

Well, you and KYBroncoBSUDrewCaptainBronco and TheShrewdOne. You five were the only ones brave enough to pick New Mexico State this week. The other 39 of us somehow decided that an 0-3 New Mexico team would cover a 10-point spread in a rivalry game.

Would that pick be enough to separate Mikrino from the pack this week?

Hey, guys, we're down here!

Not the best week for yours truly and our esteemed editor, Kevan. We both put up a less than stellar 2-6 this week.

Also joining us with the dubious honor at 2-6? Last week's winner, JasonHaberman. Don't think that No. 1 ranking is going to last this week. 

Dr. JrigDuckCountryBSUFanMagnanimous M@ttTitoRay, and our poll expert MKingery. Thanks, guys. It would be lonely down here without you.

To those of you who had more faith in Masoli than I did

Kudos to you guys. I thought this was a game I was picking with my head instead of my heart. Fortunately my head was wrong. A surprising 47 percent of you picked the Ducks. Hopefully they can continue the roll.

The part where I missed the Idaho game yet again

Yeah, they won again. Big deal. So what if 45 percent of you picked them?

The Tiebreaker

We had 2 people successfully guess the tiebreaker this week, OBNUG Intern and BroncocnorB with guesses of 63.

The breakdown of the rest of the guesses:


  • 30's - 1
  • 40's - 10
  • 50's - 18
  • 60's - 12
  • 70's - 2

The Winner(s)

We had a remarkable six-way tie for first place this week, all going 6-2.

The leaders were MikrinoDUKE02DEUCELoqueBSUTHROWBALLFOREVER and KYBronco

But, we've only been allotted one Baja Fresh gift certificate each week, so we get to implement our tiebreaker for the first time in OBNUG Pick 'Em history. With a guess of 64, the winner this week is DUKE02DEUCE. Congrats. 

If we did have an extra gift certificate, it would definitely go to BSUTHROWBALLFOREVER for screen name originality, though.