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OBNUG Week Four BlogPoll: How high should Boise State be?

This weekend's release of the major media polls has generated a lot of discussion about Boise State and their #5 ranking.  This weekend displayed the resurgence of the Ducks and Hawkeyes, while teams like Mississippi and Penn State may have shown their true colors.  After another weekend of upsets and surprises, where should teams land in the BlogPoll Top 25?  This week's initial draft follows the jump, and your comments will shape the final poll.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 1
2 Texas 1
3 Florida 1
4 Boise State 3
5 Virginia Tech 5
6 LSU 2
7 Cincinnati 2
8 Southern Cal 4
9 Iowa
10 Ohio State 3
11 Oklahoma 3
12 Houston 7
13 TCU 4
14 Miami (Florida) 13
15 Penn State 10
16 Oregon
17 Kansas 2
18 Georgia 5
19 Michigan 6
20 Oklahoma State 2
21 California 15
22 Missouri 6
23 Brigham Young 1
24 South Florida
25 Auburn
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Washington (#11), Florida State (#18), Mississippi (#20), North Carolina (#21).

Also Considered: Georgia Tech, Arizona, South Carolina, Notre Dame, UCLA


This week's draft poll gives more weight to actual results over projected expectations of future games.  By week six a reasonable poll should be able to be created using solely a team's resume.

Some notes on this week's poll:

  • Alabama looked dominant and has an offense to go along with their stellar defense.
  • Houston appears to get another quality win over Texas Tech. Keep in mind the Red Raiders are only 2-2 with wins over Rice and the Fighting Sioux of North Dakota
  • Yes, Iowa had a scare against in-state FCS foe Northern Iowa in the opener, but their subsequent three FBS victims are a combined 9-0 in games that are not against the Hawkeyes.
  • Numbers six through sixteen are interchangeable. Community comments could result in a lot of changes.
  • Michigan has climbed to #18 by default. More will be known about them in two weeks when they travel to Iowa.
  • LSU is bailed out by a huge punt return, and their win against Washington lost a little luster. I could be talked into moving them down.
  • I have been waiting four weeks to drop Ole Miss from the poll and finally had my chance.
  • South Florida and Auburn was added at the bottom of the poll, but there are a multitude of teams that have just as much of a claim to enter the poll. Georgia Tech lost the coin flip here.
  • I just couldn't rank Notre Dame this week. If Purdue doesn't call a curious defensive timeout, it is unlikely Clausen would have followed through with his late game heroics.

What are your thoughts on this week's rankings?  What unranked team would you add?  Nick, how far would you like to see LSU dropped?  Let the discussion begin.