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Bullet points: Putting Bowling Green to bed

Boise State left the friendly confines of Doyt Perry Stadium with an easy W last night and now can look forward to a bye week of sorts before the last real scary road trip (for me, anyway) of the season. Bowling Green fans and staff were extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and gushed about the Broncos at every turn. In essence, they were the anti-Idaho. Speaking of which, Idaho is playing like the anti-Idaho so far this season.

I digress.

Allow me my weekly upload of all the stuff that's cluttering my brain from last night's win so I can turn my attention towards the this week's cupcake main course. Onward.

  • The "roughing the kicker" penalty has become a complete joke. I think you could sneeze in the direction of the punter and you may get flagged for it.
  • Doug Martin is a bigger, faster, darker Brock Forsey. Jeremy Avery is slick as all get out, but I love watching Doug Martin run. He is physical and never goes down on first contact. The nation will soon know what hardcore Bronco fans have known for a while.
  • If I don't see Kyle Wilson at least attempt a punt return soon I may spontaneously combust. Keep the extinguishers at the ready.
  • The Austin Pettis two-point conversion absolutely should not have worked. I guess Karma caught up to him on the jailbreak field goal attempt.
  • Is it just me or is Titus Young a very swift individual? Also...did it look like Titus was taunting the referee on his first TD score? Hey Titus, flip the ball to the official and jog back to the sideline.
  • Boise State and Bowling Green played maybe the most boring 2.5 quarters of football I've ever witnessed outside the Big Eleven Ten. Luckily, Boise State was able to score 43 points in a shade over 16 minutes.
  • Willie Geter was possibly coated in bacon grease. For a little fella he sure seemed determined to run through arm and ankle tackles.
  • A cornerback finally made a pick! George Iloka's helmet gets the assist.
  • If you give Kellen Moore time in the pocket, he is nearly impossible to stop. If Coach Pete hadn't shown such leniency, this game could've gotten much uglier.
  • Kirby Moore got his first career reception...a 9 yarder from Mike Coughlin. Alright, the seal has been broken...let's make this burnt redshirt worthwhile, huh?
  • Boise State looked was considerably faster than Bowling Green on both sides of the ball. UC Davis may look like they're in quicksand.
  • Did anyone really think that Freddie Barnes was going to eat our lunch? I didn't either. Statesman hyperbole is a fickle friend.
  • Mark Johnson was on his A game last night...which is slightly better than this guy's. The fact that Bowling Green stuck him and Tom Scott under a circus awning on the roof was a portent of things to come.
  • Boise State is #5 in the country after week 4. Drink it always goes down smooth.