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Predict the Score: Boise State vs. Bowling Green

What's in store for Boise State's first trip to the great state of Ohio? Will the Bowling Green Falcons make it a game or will it be another nonconference cakewalk for the Broncos? How many yards will Doug Martin get?

It's time for predictions. Leave your best guess at the final score in the comments, and the closest one wins two free meals at the RAM restaurant. Feel free to add thoughts, analysis, make believe stats and whatever else you need to get off your chest.

Let's see what you've got. To the comments!

(Note: Tired of losing the predict the score contest? Well, everyone's a winner when you sign up for the RAM's email club. That should make NMSU fans pretty happy, right? Head over to the RAM's MVP page and give them your info, and you'll be entitled to coupons, free meals, and much more. I did it. Peer pressure.)

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