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OBNUG Pick 'Em Contest - Week 3 Results

Week 3 is in the books for the Pick 'Em contest. Join me after the jump for a look at how last week's picks went, along with the winner of Week 3 and free Baja Fresh.

The MWC Did Not Have Its Best Week Ever 

Judging by your picks, you guys either knew this was going to happen or just really, really wanted it to be true. Either way, you were right.

An astonishing 92% of you picked Oregon to cover its 4.5 point spread against the Utes, even knowing Masoli was going to be QB1 for the Ducks. Guess Utah's unimpressive showing versus San Jose State was still in your minds.

The BYU vs Florida State game was more even with only 46% of you picking Florida State. 

By the way, after Florida State exposed BYU's lack of speed, how much is TCU going to be favored when they play each other in Provo in a few weeks? We still don't know exactly how good TCU is yet, but you know they will have speed. I think it could get ugly.

Our Greatest Fears Are Being Realized

Judging by the trend of the picks, you guys are beginning to realize this; however, I thought I'd say it out loud: Idaho is 3-0 against the spread. 

What is going on up there? Is this a case of incredibly low expectations or is Idaho actually better? To their credit, they are 2-1. Could they actually be a mid level WAC team?

Here's a breakdown of the percentage of people picking Idaho the first 3 weeks:

  • Week 1: 46%
  • Week 2: 8%
  • Week 3: 41%

We'll see who continues to put aside their biases when Idaho visits Northern Illinois this week.

The Coin is a Liar

Of our 39 entries this week, only one had the "courage" to pick Fresno State, Peadiddy. He employed the old coin flip trick this week and put up a respectable 6-4 but missed a gimme. 

FSDogs1 didn't stick around long enough to take part in the picks this week. Did you guys chase him off? We really need to work on our manners when we have guests...

How High Did You Go?

This game was about the exact opposite for the Oregon game. Nobody expected 85 total points in the Boise State vs Fresno State game. Our highest guess was 64 points by Mikrino and duc. Our lowest guess was a paltry 35 points by Dr. Jrig.

Here's a further breakdown of the tiebreaker guesses:

  • 30's - 5
  • 40's - 15
  • 50's - 15
  • 60's - 2

One of these days, the tiebreaker is going to matter, but not this week.

The Winner Is...

JasonHaberman went an astonishing 9-1 this week to capture the glory and the free Baja Fresh. His one miss was picking Texas A&M over Utah State. Can't really blame him for that pick. I'm still getting used to the idea of Utah State being respectable myself. 

Honorable mention to Magnanimous M@tt who went 8-2. Who knows what might have been if Tebow hadn't fumbled the ball in the 2nd half and Tennessee went on to score? 

We had a five-way tie for 3rd place with a record of 7-3. Out lowest score was an eight-way tie going 4-6.

And, yes, Kevan broke through the .500 barrier with a 6-4 showing this week. 

Tomorrow we'll have a new batch of games along with a look at the overall leaderboard.