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OBNUG Week Three BlogPoll: USC is down and it is bad, although not as bad as BYU

Another weekend of upsets, letdowns and cupcakes is over and the early season continues to provide even more movement in this week's BlogPoll. The draft poll is still a combination of this season's resume and expectations for remaining games. In the coming weeks, there should be enough games played to base the week's initial poll solely on the wins and losses of 2009.  As always comments from the community will mold the final poll.

This week's poll proved to be difficult to fill out.  The season is still too young to tell which surprise teams might be good and which perennially powerful teams are due to slip up.  As always with early season polls, head to head matchups should carry more weight than any perceived strength of schedule.  Later in the year, head-to-head results carry less weight, or you could argue just about any team could belong at the top of the poll

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Texas 1
3 Alabama 1
4 Penn State 1
5 Boise State 2
6 LSU 2
7 California 5
8 Cincinnati 5
9 Virginia Tech
10 Miami (Florida)
11 Washington
12 Southern Cal 10
13 Ohio State 3
14 Oklahoma 3
15 Kansas 1
16 Missouri
17 TCU
18 Florida State
19 Houston 2
20 Mississippi 2
21 North Carolina 2
22 Oklahoma State
23 Georgia 1
24 Brigham Young 18
25 Michigan
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Georgia Tech (#15), Nebraska (#20), Utah (#23).
Also Considered: Nebraska, Auburn, Pittsburgh, Southern Miss.


Here is a look at the head-to-head considerations for this week's rankings:

Houston beat Oklahoma State who beat Georgia

Even with Houston idle, the draft poll ranks the teams in order even though Georgia had the biggest win this week with their victory over Arkansas. We will learn more about Houston next week when they face Texas Tech. With a win they make some noise and with a loss, Mark May celebrates another fly be swatted away from the BCS ointment.

Washington beat USC who beat Ohio State

Washington plunges deep into the poll after a victory over USC. I am not sure Southern Cal can be labeled as a Goliath any longer. Rather than move both USC and Ohio State down further in the poll, the Huskies debut in the top 15.

Miami beat Florida State who beat BYU who beat Oklahoma

The BYU hype train is derailed before it could gain any steam. They did not deserve to stay ahead of Oklahoma after allowing 54 points at home and an argument could be made to drop them from the poll altogether. The last time BYU got beat that bad at home, the Cougar faithful were calling for Gary Crowton's head and begging school officials to get on their bikes and preach the good word to Dan Hawkins.

Let your thoughts be heard in the comments.

Should Nebraska fall after a close loss to Virginia Tech?

Should any of the remaining undefeated teams be included in the Top 25?  Auburn? Pittsburgh? Wisconsin?  Indiana? Southern Miss?

Is Washington too high?  Where do they belong?

Has Oregon proved enough to be ranked again?

This week's poll will be finalized Tuesday evening.