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OBNUG's Pick 'Em Contest - Week 3


We're back with week 3 of the pick 'em contest and another chance to win free Baja Fresh. If you're new to the contest, check out the rules and jump right in. 

Most correct picks against the spread wins free Baja Fresh. There will also be a prize for the most correct picks at the end of the year. It was proposed that we drop the lowest score from everyone's results at the end of the year. So, fear not if you missed either of the first 2 weeks, you still have a chance at the year end prize.

Join me after the jump for this week's games, my picks and an overall leader board.

This Week's Games

We've got a revenge game, a couple of big games for some MWC teams as well as a slew of WAC teams. Favored teams are in bold.

Leave your picks in the comments. Deadline is 7:00 p.m. MT on Friday. 

  • Tennessee at #1 Florida (-28.5)
  • Florida State at #7 BYU (-7.5)
  • #18 Utah (-4.5) at Oregon (-4.5)
  • Nevada (-3) at Colorado State
  • San Diego State (-3) at Idaho
  • Utah State at Texas A&M (-18.5)
  • UTEP (-13.5) at New Mexico State
  • San Jose State at Stanford (-17.5)
  • Hawaii at UNLV (-7)
  • #10 Boise State (-7.5) at Fresno State
  • Tiebreaker: Total points in Boise State - Fresno State game

Nick's Picks

I went a very average 4-5 last week. Still trying to hit my stride. 

  • Florida - Not sure if there's a spread high enough that I wouldn't pick  here. This game is going to get ugly and I'm going to enjoy watching every minute of it.
  • Florida State - Why is Florida State playing in BYU? I need an answer. Either way, I think Florida State has something to prove and it's about time for BYU to collapse a la last year's Washington game, which they should have lost.
  • Oregon - Utah has looked bad this year, very bad. If you caught any of the San Jose State game last week, you know what I'm talking about. Oregon's offense finally got it going last week. I'm expecting their defense to pick it up this week. 
  • Nevada - Hopefully Nevada was able to make some adjustments during their off week. The WAC can't afford to lose any games to the MWC at this point, even if it is just Nevada.
  • San Diego State - If you can pick Idaho, you're a better person than I am. Even when my gut tells me that these San Diego boys are going to be in a little shock after a 5 hour bus ride into Moscow from wherever they land.
  • Texas A&M - I'm beginning to think that Week One was more Utah being bad than Utah State being good. 
  • UTEP - Former WAC member UTEP at New Mexico State. I'm sure it will be nostalgic for the Miners.
  • San Jose State - How much money has San Jose State brought in for these two games against USC and now Stanford? It has to be a pretty good chunk. The Spartans have been tough so far.
  • Hawaii - I'm leery of picking the Warriors for their second straight game on the mainland but they have looked surprisingly decent over their first 2 games. Are they the second best team in the WAC?
  • Boise State - They're rolling. The defense is playing amazing. The offense is beginning to find its rhythm. I don't see any letdown this game.

Last Week: 4-5

Overall: 6-12


After 2 weeks, here's the leaderboard so far. 

Note: I have not removed the lowest score yet. 

OBNUG Commenter Correct Picks
J-Stat 11
TheShrewdOne 11
Busterfan 10
Loque 10
MKingery 10
Belexes 9
BroncoFever 9
divox21 9
Finloopio 9
LoneSausages 9
Mikrino 9
Mountngrown 9
OBNUG Intern 9
pretendhuman 9
TitoRay 9
Trek7k 9
BustersBFF 8
Dr. Jrig 8
forum8usa 8
JasonHaberman 8
MikeTheTransplant 8
PeaDiddy 8
StatueLeft 8
TitanBronco 8
kevanlee 7
killtacular 7
Egnowit 6
smurfturf 6
Nick 6
earthen 5
Magnanimous M@tt 5
thr04 5
abian Mechano Marauder Stankowicz 5
BroncocnorB 5
Drofdarb3 5
broncoitis 4
CaptainBronco 4
KyleC 4
DuckCountryBSUFan 4
forseyfan36 4
MooreWalksOnWater 4
Banachek 3
duc 3
xXBroncoNarionXx 3
BoiseState 3
MarinerFaninAZ 3
OneTrueBlue 2