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OBNUG Pick 'Em Contest - Week 2 Results

Another week, more Baja Fresh to give away. For week 2, we had 39 entries, however, not all the same. Thanks to the new people who joined us and, if you forgot to get your picks last week, you've got some catching up to do in the overall contest.

Join me after the jump for some observations and the winner for week 2.

It's not peer pressure, it's just your turn

Of the 39 entries this week, only five of you had the guts to pick Ohio State to cover versus USC. Either you thought Ohio State is good this year, foresaw the relatively low-scoring game, or it was a shot in the dark. Whatever it was, kudos to you.

Even more skewed was the Idaho - Washington game. Only 3 of you (TheShrewdOneLoque, and JasonHaberman) had the cojones to go with the Vandals. Even after our esteemed editor took shots at you in the comments. Bravo.

Thanks for making my life more difficult

I just wanted to pause and give a quick shout out to the following entries that momentarily made my head spin while tallying the results. 

  • forseyfan36 - I'm pretty sure it took me an extra five minutes to decode your paragraph format to make sure I got everything right after going through list after list.
  • MiketheTransplant - I think I stared at the word "Middies" for a whole minute since my brain had been on autopilot at that point and didn't know how to react when presented with such a foreign word.
  • StatueLeft - The half list and random spreads thrown in are a nice touch.

The 5 Star lock of the week courtesy of a Miami fan

There was none. Not a single Miami (OH) fan ventured over to our site last week. No wonder it was so boring. Surely this won't be the case this week. Come on, Fresno. Our boredom is riding on this.

The Tiebreaker

You guys really stepped it up this week in the total points category. We even had one person guess it correctly. Congrats MKingery. Did you have a feeling there'd be a missed extra point? And Loque, nice guess of 49 but not close enough. 

Here's the breakdown of the other guesses:

  • 30's: 2
  • 40's: 10 
  • 50's: 14
  • 60's: 11
  • 70's: 1

Hopefully my math is correct

From TheShrewdOne late Saturday night:

I lost this be 4 points to MKingery? That’s Brotzman’s EP plust a FG…granted he didn’t even attempt a FG…but he’s really getting on my nerves….

Congrats Mkingery (unless my math is wrong…in that case screw you and congrats to the real winner!)

According to my math, you are the correct winner, TheShrewdOne, with your entry of 6-3. MKingery along with 8 others came in second with 5 correct. 

And MKingery, you forgot to pick the Idaho - Washington game. Would you have picked Idaho to cover? That would have been 6 correct and the tiebreaker. 

Stay tuned this week for our next set of games along with a leader board for the overall results.