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OBNUG Week Two BlogPoll: Stability at the Top, A Coin Toss at the Bottom

After the jump, take a look at the draft edition for this week’s OBNUG BlogPoll submission.  The rankings are open for discussion and teams will be rearranged based on the commentary of the community. Unless the community wants Notre Dame ranked, in which case, I exercise veto power and have Kevan ban a bunch of you.

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Southern Cal
3 Texas
4 Alabama
5 Penn State
6 Brigham Young
8 Virginia Tech
9 Boise State 1
10 Ohio State 1
11 Oklahoma 2
12 Missouri 1
13 Kansas 1
14 California 2
15 Cincinnati 6
16 Georgia Tech 1
17 TCU 5
18 Mississippi
19 Oklahoma State 7
20 Georgia 5
21 North Carolina 1
22 Nebraska
23 Utah
24 Miami (Florida)
25 Michigan
Last week's ballot
Dropped Out: Michigan State (#19), Oregon (#24), Notre Dame (#25).

Also Considered: Texas Tech, Baylor, West Virginia, Southern Miss, Tulsa, Pittsburgh.

Make your opinion known before the final ballot is submitted on Wednesday.

Given the combination of USC's big win and Florida's lack of a quality opponent, I had considered moving the Trojans to the top spot. In the end, I feel the Gators are better and still deserve the number one ranking.

Michigan enters at number twenty-five, giving the Big Ten three teams in the poll despite having seven undefeated teams. The whole state of Wisconsin gives thanks to Pat Hill.

Utah remains at #23 after a lackluster performance in San Jose. Even the undefeated Bronco teams from years past have looked very average on the road against the Spartans, so the Utes are given the benefit of the doubt.

Speaking of looking very average, Oregon is dropped from the poll after their showing against Purdue. Michigan State (cough!) and Notre Dame also exit after losing this weekend.

What are your thoughts? Who should be #1? Who's ranked too high?

  • Should Houston be ranked after their upset of Oklahoma State?
  • What other unbeaten teams should be considered for the Top 25?
  • What about Missouri, are they too high? Bowling Green almost did the Broncos' SOS a big favor but blew a big lead in the loss to the Tigers.