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Predict the Score: Boise State vs. Miami (OH)

Hype surrounding the RedHawks-Broncos game is negligible. But that won't stop me from giving prizes away! Leave your best guess at the final score in the comments, and you'll be eligible to win two free meals to the RAM. Feel free to throw in your personal predictions, players to watch, feelings, frustrations, and more in the comments, too.

Let's get predicting!

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Questions that need answering

Will the Broncos take their foot off the pedal once the outcome is decided?

Boise State has developed somewhat of a reputation lately for not putting teams away when they have the chance. BSU wins, but they don't make it as convincing as it should be. With a soft opponent like the RedHawks and a national media skeptical of BSU's strength of schedule, winning on Saturday might be less a matter of being ahead when time runs out and more a matter of being ahead by how much.

How will Kyle Brotzman do from the left hash?

The left hash is Brotzman's kryptonite, much like defense and Nevada. If Brotzman gets the chance to make amends for last week's wide rights, will he pull through? Will changing holders from Michael Choate to Austin Pettis make that much of a difference?

Kellen Moore.

Sorry, that wasn't a question. I just couldn't help myself.

What will Boise State's red zone production be?

Last week, it was iffy at best. Against a much worse opponent on Saturday, expectations are that Boise State will score pretty much at will against the RedHawks. Will it be considered a disappointment if Boise State gets field goals instead of touchdowns when it nears the goalline? I say yes. The Broncos need to be hitting on all cylinders for next week's showdown at Fresno State, and settling for three when seven is well within reach simply won't do. I demand humiliating blowouts!

Can the defense pitch the shutout?

Admit it. A shutout has been on your mind ever since you saw the score of last week's Miami (OH) game. For that matter, can Boise State put a bigger hurting on the RedHawks than Kentucky's 42-0 whupping last Saturday? The defense will certainly be up to task, but there are so many fluky, funky ways to score in a football game that the odds of pitching a shutout are small. Still, you have to like Boise State's chances, especially if you watched any of that Oregon game.

What other questions are you wanting to have answered? Anything special you'll be watching on Saturday? Let's talk about it in the comments.