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OBNUG's Pick 'Em Contest - Week 2


Week 1 of the pick 'em contest was a resounding success with J-Stat taking first place going 8-1 against the spread. For more info on the first week, check out the results.

Who's as confident in Boise State this week with a much bigger spread? How about the rest of the WAC? Join me after the jump for this week's slate of games, your chance to win free Baja Fresh food, and my picks.

This Week's Games

We've got an interesting slate of games including two Big 10 home underdogs with Ohio State and Michigan. We also have our first outrageous Boise State spread. Can Tulane keep it interesting against BYU? Why is Washington only a 20-point fave over Idaho? 

Check out the pick 'em rules and comment away. Like last week, favored teams are in bold.

  • #3 (-6.5) USC at #8 Ohio State
  • #18 (-3) Notre Dame at Michigan
  • #9 (-17) BYU at Tulane
  • Fresno State at (-8.5) Wisconsin
  • Idaho at (-20.5) Washington
  • Louisiana Tech at (-7.5) Navy
  • (-2) Hawaii at Washington State
  • #17 (-13.5) Utah at San Jose State
  • Miami (OH) at #12 (-36.5) Boise State
  • Tiebreaker - Total points of Boise State - Miami (OH) game

Nick's Picks

I made light of Kevan's picks in my Week One recap post, but mine were even worse. Let's try to turn this around. J-Stat, a little help?

  • USC -- They looked awfully good for starting a freshman QB last week. Ohio State on the other hand looked terrible. Is this pick too easy or is it just me?
  • Notre Dame -- Michigan showed some life last week, but I think Notre Dame actually has some momentum. I so hope I'm wrong.
  • BYU -- I found myself rooting against a group of Oklahoma fans in a Buffalo Wild Wings last week because they were so annoying. Now I'm wishing they would have pulled it out. 
  • Fresno State -- I think Wisconsin will win but I doubt either team scores more than 10 points. 
  • Washington -- Is Washington better or LSU that bad? Either way, I don't think Idaho is that good. I expect this to get out of hand quickly.
  • Louisiana Tech -- Navy sure looked spry last week in Columbus. However, I like what Derek Dooley is doing with Louisiana Tech. 
  • Washington State -- Combine long flight to mainland and only a 5 point win over Central Arkansas last week and I think Hawaii has some problems not named McMackin.
  • San Jose State -- Here's to hoping someone from the WAC can help Boise State's BCS chances
  • Boise State -- 37 points is a lot of points but I'm thinking stellar play from the defense combined with trying to make a mark offensively will lead to a blowout.
Last Week: 2-7
Overall: 2-7

Leave your picks in the comments. Deadline is 10:00 a.m. MT on Saturday.