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What we learned from Day Two of Boise State football Fall Camp

Let's take this inside. (via <a href=""></a>)
Let's take this inside. (via

What we learned: Kellen Moore and Titus Young are picking right back up where they left off after the Idaho State game.

You remember the Idaho State game, right? Nearly 12 months ago? A bunch of big guys against a bunch of little guys? In that game, which served as Moore's virgin birth into college football, Young had seven catches for 142 yards and an 80-yard TD grab.

On Day Two of Boise State Fall Camp, this happened:

Kellen Moore threw a picture-perfect 50-yard TD to Titus Young streaking up the sideline with Kyle Wilson in coverage.

In your face, still-as-yet-to-be-named suspension!

What we learned #2: There are a lot of Wilsons on the team.

All-American Kyle was on both ends of it on Day Two, getting burned deep by Kellsy Perfection and taking one back with an interception. But oh to Mark Johnson's play-by-play horror, there were more Wilsons still to come. LB Dave also scored himself a pick in the morning session, and Dave's twin Matt stretched like a champ.

What we learned #3: Aaron Tevis moving backward (in a good way), not forward

I had speculated that Tevis might be switched to DE due to the Broncos' need for depth up front, completely forgetting the fact that Tevis weighs 214 pounds. Fortunately, BSU coaches know better than I do, and they have started Tevis on the fast track to nickelbackerville. The sophomore linebacker, who started in last year's season opener, is boning up on the LB/S hybrid in newcomer practice.