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Countdown Schmountdown: #30

The atomic clock actually says that we have just 30 days until the Ducks hit the blue turf (hard).

So, today we'll continue our countdown by briefly highlighting the Bronco player with the jersey number that corresponds with the number of days remaining till the opener. Sorry there isn't a more clear and concise way to explain that.

And we're off...

#30 Travis Stanaway, DB

Let's just get a few things out of the way right of the bat. 1) No, Travis Stanaway is not related to this guy, 2) "DB" stands for defensive back...real mature. Travis Stanaway was a surprise performer last Fall. The diminutive walk-on from Clyde Hill, Washington tore it up in camp, making big tackles and big INTs. He so impressed the coaches that he was frequently named as a player to watch by the staff and cemented a spot on special teams. Stanaway registered 13 tackles last season, seeing action in 12 games. Most of Stanaway's stats were accumulated on special teams, but this certainly does not diminish his impact. The Broncos special teams is their bread and butter, and a source of great pride. Stanaway can and will develop into a key player on special teams and eventually see some time on D. Travis had a good Spring and Fall camp starts tomorrow...keep an eye on number 30 (he fills out his jersey slightly better than he filled out this suit).

Stanaway, a 5'11" 185 pounder, isn't exactly Ia Falo...but he does play much bigger than his frame might suggest. He was an All-league safety at Bellevue High School as a senior and registered 98 tackles, 3 forced fumbles, and 2 INTs. Stanaway's junior year saw him garner All-League honors as well after pitching in 79 tackles. Stanaway redshirted for the Broncos in 2007 and came on strong last year as a RS freshman. Stanaway has an outside shot at the nickelbacker/rover position vacated by Ellis Powers, but many (myself included) feel that Winston Venable has it all but sewn up. I've definitely been wrong before (don't tell my wife that), and Stanaway could make an impact on the D in 2009...but I see him continuing his solid special teams play and cracking the lineup in special packages. Stanaway is a great competitor who is making his teammates better each and every day in practice and in scrimmages. The value of the unheralded blue collar Broncos is immeasurable in so many ways.