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OBNUG readers have two chances to win big this season

Boise State's going to do a lot of winning this season. So why not OBNUG readers, too? To say thanks for your readership, your feedback, and your friendship, we'll be awarding actual, redeemable prizes this season for predicting the Boise State score and being really good at picking the winners of football games. Details after the jump.

Predict the Score, sponsored by the RAM Restaurant and Brewery

When Brian Murphy debuted his Idaho Statesman score prediction contest last season with the winner receiving Domino's Pizza, my first thought was, "Ew." My second thought was, "We can do better than that."

And so we have. Predict the Score for Boise State games this fall, and you can win free food at the RAM Restaurant and Brewery.

We'll post a predict the score thread on the day prior to the game. Leave your comment with your best guess at the final score. The closest one to the actual final score wins. There are official rules for those of you who care.

But wait! It gets even better. Sign up for the RAM's MVP e-club and receive free food just for handing them your email address. Don't worry. They'll take good care of it, just like you'll take care of that one-pound Bronco burger.

Predict the Score contest begins Wednesday.

OBNUG's Pick 'Em Contest, presented by Baja Fresh

Last year, OBNUG's Nick pulled his best Matthew-McConaghey-in-Two For the Money shtick, totally owning his weekly picks against the spread. It was epic and awesome and significantly better than Phil Dailey did with his picks. But was it better than how the OBNUG community could do? Nobody knows. Nick didn't bother asking.

Well this year is different, not because Nick will no longer be picking games against the spread (he will), but because he's now going to compete against any and all comers. And not only that. He's going to be competing with you all for a chance at winning free Baja Fresh food. Win-win-win!

The pick  'em contest will be hosted in OBNUG's comment section where you can weigh in on your picks each week. Nick will be compiling, tabulating, and posting results each week, and he'll keep a running total so we can see who the most capable degenerate gambler will be at the end of the year. The best entry each week wins a gift certificate to Baja Fresh. The best entry for the entire season wins Baja Fresh plus other things, both edible and inedible. Win-win-possibly-huge-win!

Pick 'Em contest begins Wednesday. Nick will fill you in on more details.