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The Week in Boise State football: One month until life changes forever


Finally, thankfully, at long last, the long summer of waiting is over. Do you know that it has been eight months since a meaningful college football game has been played? Doesn't it feel like eight years? (Note: It is eight years for Idaho fans.) When the Broncos hit the practice field for the first day of Fall Camp on Wednesday, we can finally put an end to the posturing and the wondering and the anti-depressants, and we can talk about football. Sweet Kellsy, it's almost here!

(Colophon: A thank you to Karl Benson, Bleeding the rainbow, running down a hill, a Jeff Rowe sighting, and words of wisdom from Lace Banachek.)

I am a man of reminiscing, so I find myself thinking back to one year ago when we were a month away from the season and Fall Camp was just around the corner. Do you remember what you were doing? I was making a pros and cons list for Kellen Moore and Bush Hamdan. I was wondering how the Bronco defense would recover from getting steamrolled by Nevada and East Carolina. What a difference a year makes, right?

This season I am bursting with confidence at virtually every position on the Broncos' roster. There are no doubts in my mind about Kellen Moore or the Bronco defense. This year is different.

This year, I'm worrying about the Oregon game.

Idaho State didn't exactly carry the same weight as the Ducks do in 2009. Season openers are special since they represent an offseason-long tent pole that fans can look forward to, but you could not have two different openers than the Broncos have had the past two years. I tolerated the Idaho State game. I am going out of my mind about the Oregon game.

And all this worry and apprehension got me to thinking: Would I rather have last year's offseason or this year's offseason? Last year, the worries were personnel. This season, they are the crushing expectations of winning every game on the schedule. Both had their downsides. But each also had that one glorious positive that I wouldn't trade for the world.

They got me through the summer. And thank goodness for that.

The offseason is over. It's time for some football.

Person of the week

Karl Benson, WAC commissioner

They should have WAC Football Previews more often. Benson's Salt Lake City soiree had a little bit of everything. There was Benson getting perturbed at the unending stream of MWC questions. There was Colin Kaepernick attacking the buffet. There was actual football news, Boise State going James Cameron circa 1998 Oscars, and a Dick Tomey animatronic corpse sighting. A good time was had by all, except Greg McMackin.

For throwing the greatest party of the summer, I give Benson three Paul J. Schneiders.


Meme of the week

For some reason, the WAC is obsessed with bleeding certain colors.



Throw in Boise State's copycat Bleed Blue campaign, and we have ourselves a veritable cardiologist's fantasy. I understand that bleeding is a sign of intense devotion to a team, but are unique marketing ideas really that hard to come by? At this point, I'd almost rather be a part of Akey's Army than be asked to bleed any more color combinations. I'm O positive. My blood can't do more than one color at once.

I vote that we adopt OBNUG commenter Jason Haberman's idea of "Stop ... It's Hammer Time." Catchy, relevant, self-referential - what more do you need? An anatomical reference?


I guess it could be worse. They could all be copying McDonald's "McCafé your day" slogan.

"Boisé your day"?

A better way to settle the national championship than the BCS

Running down a hill. I would pay money to see Doug Martin vs. Kaepernick.

This week's non-Boise State game I'm totally going to watch

The NFL's Hall of Fame Game between the Bills and the Titans on Sunday. There'll be halftime entertainment. And Derek Schouman.

Context-free quote from Nevada's Silver Sports boards

Playing the Jeff Rowe card, eh?

Remember how Bronco fans hated on Jeff Rowe, and he's in the NFL.

Lace Banachek sign-off

The MW believes they are better than the WAC because they have three top teams and the WAC has one. The difference is year in and year out the Broncos are better then the MW so what is the big deal with leaving the WAC to be part of that circus? How do the Broncos gain? The Broncos gain by staying put, by dominating their foes, and lastly by winning their bowl game.

Go Broncos.

Kevan Lee, founder of One Bronco Nation Under God, can be reached at