Who's number 2?

After watching the scrimmage on Friday, one thing seemed apparent to me. Joe Southwick is a good quarterback. Especially for a true freshman. I can honestly say that at times, he looked better than Mike Coughlin.

Now here's my question. Are you confident in MC as the number 2 QB? Personally, I'm not, and judging by the amount of playing time that Joe Southwick got, Coach Pete may not be either.

Nothing against MC. I've heard he's a great guy, and I'm sure plays a big role on the team. However, I've never been impressed with his throws (has he even heard of 'touch'?) or his confidence/decision making.

Southwick, on the other hand, looked quite comfortable on Friday, completing the highest percentage of passes for any quarterback. I was impressed with how smooth and in control he looked, and some of his throws were beautiful.

Obviously Coughlin has a better grasp of the offense, and will be the first one off the bench should (Heaven Forbid!) Kellen get hurt. But it is my personal opinion that if Coach Pete sees that MC's not getting things done, he won't hesitate to pull Southwick's redshirt.

What do you think?

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