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Countdonw Schmountdown: #18

The atomic clock actually says that we have just 18 days until the Ducks hit the blue turf (hard).

So, today we'll continue our countdown by briefly highlighting the Bronco player with the jersey number that corresponds with the number of days remaining till the opener. Sorry there isn't a more clear and concise way to explain that.

Drew has the weekend off, so join me as I mail in posts for him.

#18 Aaron Burks, WR

He has shined in early practices and scrimmages (although not shined enough for the Statesman's taste) and could very well be seeing time on the field in his true freshman season. Coming a semester early helps. As does actually existing. When the Statesman broke his verbal commitment story last summer, there was some doubt as to whether or not they made the kid up. It turns out they didn't, but I'm still not sold on this Tank McNamara guy they keep parading around the comics page.

Burks' high school career was short on statistics and long on upside. He had 32 catches his senior season, which was good enough to earn him a spot as first-team all conference - a conference that obviously exists in a 1950's, forward-pass-less bubble. His junior season, Burks had a total of seven receptions. He had seven receptions in the Broncos' first scrimmage of the fall.

Safe to say the Bronco coaches were right about that upside. As usual.