Poll: Boise State vs. Oregon may continue in the future...or not?

I discover this horrible place of evil, Bringing up the possibility of continued games between the two schools. Interesting possibility. I might like to see this rivalry grow, especially if Boise State delivers a beatdown in a couple of weeks.  Then I started reading the comments. I remembered the example post I left on another fanpost 
here on OBNUG, demostrating the crazy, ingorant, bumbling, rants some people( by some people, I mean any that disagree with me) type on these blogs. Lo and behold, I come across a few umm...literary wizards?  So I decided to make this post a multi-functional, interactive experiment. Immediately below is the example I created, followed by a few genuine posts from Is there a difference? Review and discuss. Also a question. Do you think Boise State should seek to continue this series in the future? Answer on the poll, and leave your comments if you like. Yes, you don't even have to know how to spell, or make sense, or some combination of both. Bon Appetit.


Example post written by me, imitating the robust fervor that is Oregon fandom.

You stupid little blue smurfs won’t know what hit you. We’ll be all over you guys like a fat girl at Golden Corral on firday night. Our RB (insert name) is gonna runn all over the stupid blue field. You don’t never play anyone as good as us in WEAK confrence. Why dont you schedule some real teams os everybody don’t think your a joke. Our defense is so big and fast and strong and mean your gonna cry when you see them. Your dwarf QB won’t be able to see past the line of scrimagge. Those late hits will repaid in full. Believe when I say our Safety (insert name) will be head hunting. He’s lookin for blood. turst me I know. Anybody could go undefeated in that joke of a confrense. You suck!!! Loser!! err…meanies.

The following are excerpts taken from actual Oregon fan comments.

BSU is a joke...they play one tough team all year and thats it. BSCC doesnt deserve to be in any BCS bowl if they have a winning record. Look at this pathetic schedule. How well would any Pac 10 team do against these teams.

Given Broncs' cheap shots last year, I'm not so hot on the prospect of repeatedly playing a non-BCS team who's D coach likes his squad leading with their heads. Cheap and dangerous.
On the flip side, I'd love to see U of O gets some revenge killing them on the score board.

This one makes no sense to me. And a lose would not hurt you? (See Florida)?

The ducks should be scheduling schools from BCS conferences. Why would you want to be the best team on someone's WAC schedule? Make a trip to an SEC school. You would get exposure and respect. And a lose would not hurt you. Teams with loses to crummy SEC schools end up in the National Championship all the time. (See Florida)

You are not the sharpest tool in the shed, but you are a tool.

If the Broncos get another victory over the Ducks I will tip my hat to them and their coach, but I will still know their fans are classless @$$h0Ies. I just returned from Idaho and I like Boise for partying, but why are Bronco fans such total sphincters?

Here's one for ya that will make you post a reply for sure...

Paybacks are hell,

Oregon 55

BSU 24

Ahh yes, the wealth of knowledge lights the sky, taste the rainbow.

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