Oregon tight end says the Broncos rub too hard, he doesn't like it.

I'm sorry Kevan, but you had to know I would post this.

Ed Dickson doesn't like Boise State. In what seems to be a budding rivalry (Hatfield vs. McCoy style, not Boise State vs. Idaho style), Ed Dickson says he doesn't get rubbed right by the Broncos. You may remember Dickson being on the bad end of the Jeron Johnson Express, in last year's game in Eugene. Johnson was subsequently ejected for "targeting a defenseless player". A well earned penalty in my opinion. As the video shows, there were definitely a few things going on; a late hit, leading with the helmet, an uncatchable pass, routine inaccuracy for an Oregon QB. Combined with the earlier, less incriminating, late hit by Ellis Powers, Johnson was basically asking for it (O.J. Style).

And he got it, along with the tag of being a "dirty" player, a chorus of boos from the Autzen faithful ,and an autographed helmet from Russell Hill. The onus of being dirty will be the only thing that rears its ugly head in the future. September 3rd to be exact. Will Johnson play with the same intensity and deliver the same bone-jarring, Youtube worthy hits from last year? Or will he be a, toned down, Utah State version of his former self?

I don't think Jeron Johnson is dirty. I do think he is aggressive and looks to deliver big shots and make game changing plays. Nothing about that is dirty if it's timed right. We'll all be paying extra attention to him come September, that's for sure. And if he can make opposing teams think twice about throwing over the middle. Or keep quarterbacks from wondering aimlessly into Russell Hillville, so be it. So long as they're aware of the inherent dangers of football, leave the worry to their mothers.

Thanks Ed Dickson. I don't know if you've motivated the Broncos, but you definitely inspired me. I need a good massage.

As mentioned above, THIS is Russell Hillville.

He's actually jumping backwards.

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