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WAC Football Preview 2009: where Karl Benson can't contain his love for Colin Kaepernick

"This incompletion's for you, Karl Benson!" (via <a href=""></a>)
"This incompletion's for you, Karl Benson!" (via

Kellen Moore will not be named WAC preseason offensive player of the year. This from the giddy overshare of WAC commissioner Karl Benson.

The honor will be given to Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick when the results of the voting are revealed today or tomorrow. I guess Benson just couldn't contain his excitement, spilling the beans to Press-Tribune reporter Dave Southorn on the first night of the WAC Football Preview yesterday at Salt Lake City. But Benson didn't stop there.

Benson said the QB has grown two inches and added 30 pounds.

As Southorn points out, this would make Kaepernick 6'8".

Now, I'm not saying that Kaepernick hitting a two-inch growth spurt is impossible, especially since he looked like a 17-year-old last year. And I'm not saying that the 30 pounds of weight gain is hard to believe, either, not with Southorn getting a front row seat to CK destroying a buffet.

For a tall, skinny dude, he can throw down some grub. He took advantage of the hospitality buffet tonight.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 WAC preseason Offensive Player of the Year - an emotional eater with giantism!

Other news and notes from WAC Football Preview 2009:

Here's the full schedule of the day's events from Salt Lake.

  • 8:30am: WAC Commissioner's forum with Karl Benson
  • 9:30am: Interviews with Pat Hill, Fresno; DeWayne Walker, NMSU; and Chris Ault, Nevada, plus players from those schools.
  • 1:30pm: Interviews with Chris Petersen, Boise State; Dick Tomey, San Jose State; and Derek Dooley, Louisiana Tech, plus players.
  • 6:00pm: Snuggling.

Coach Pete, Richie Brockel, and Kyle Wilson will meet the media this afternoon for interviews.

According to the Boise State "media guide," there are some new numbers and positions for several Boise State players.

  • Byron Hout is listed as a linebacker. Not sure if this means anything. I'll have Dave Southorn look into it for me.
  • WR Chris Potter is changing from No. 81 to No. 3.
  • TE Chandler Koch is changing from No. 86 to No. 88.
  • QB Mikey Tamburo will wear No. 9. I will not have to retire my Jeremy Childs jersey.
  • QB Joe Southwick will wear No. 15.
  • WR Kirby Moore will wear No. 34.

Graham Watson publishes her preseason poll in which she picks Kellen Moore AND Colin Kaepernick as OPOY. Also, she completely left out San Jose State.

I have a question into Karl Benson via Troy Oppie of CBS 2 News. Don't let me down, Troy.

OBNUG's preseason conference picks will be posted some time today or tomorrow, whenever it most easily feasible for us to copy the official preseason rankings.