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Oregon QB Masoli could use some work on his vague smack talk

"I guarantee we will take it to the Colts." (via <a href=""></a>)
"I guarantee we will take it to the Colts." (via

According to Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli,

"...this year we'll take it to them."

Ooh, burn?

When you're still 38 days away from meaningful football, I guess you'll take whatever you can get. The quote, pulled from an interview by Eugene TV station KVAL, was surrounded by this context.


"It's kind of embarrassing having them come over here and beat us on our home field," Masoli said, "but I think this year we'll take it to them."

So let me get this straight. Last year the Broncos embarrassed Oregon in Autzen. This year, Masoli promises that the Ducks will take "it" to the Broncos in Boise. Is that all?

Joe Namath this kid is not.

If he had wanted to guarantee a victory over Boise State, all he had to do was come out and say it. If he had wanted to convey the fact that he thinks Oregon will play better this year, he could have done so a lot less belligerently than he did. Yet when given the choice between A and B, Masoli chose C: display confidence by being sort of a tool.

Masoli said a little while seeming to say a lot. For instance, he did not say

  • We're going to win by two touchdowns.
  • Kellen Moore runs like a girl.
  • Robb Akey is the best coach in the state of Idaho.

All he said was that he thinks the Ducks will take it to the Broncos this season. And if the Broncos choose to take it to the Ducks? I guess we'll have what some people might call a competitive football game. .

How many fans in Bronco Nation were deeply offended and aggrieved at hearing Masoli's comments? I mean, besides Chadd Cripe. I certainly wasn't. When I heard that an Oregon QB was spouting off, I expected some serious smack talk along the lines of a guarantee or a disprespectful slight. Instead, I was treated to Jeremiah Masoli hemming and hawing ambiguously, albeit arrogantly, about a vague idiom.

Let's not make this bigger than it is. I think we can all agree that Masoli is supremely confident about his team's chances in the game, and he is earnestly seeking redemption from last year. But next time he wants to bother me with smack talk, he better make it worth my time.