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Report: Boise State to play Virginia Tech at FedEx Field in 2010

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That sound you hear is Bronco Nation exhaling.

Nearly two weeks after BSU prez Bob Kustra hinted at "a good one" popping up on Boise State's 2010 schedule, a Richmond, Virginia TV station is reporting that the Virginia Tech Hokies are the mystery team and the game will be played at FedEx Field in Washington, D.C., home of the Redskins. Mission accomplished, Gene Bleymaier.

Though Michigan was probably the school of choice for many Bronco fans, we have nothing to complain about with an always-ranked, always tough ACC team like Virginia Tech. The Hokies are good, and they're unique, and the game is going to be a big deal wherever it fits on Boise State's 2010 sched (probably week one).

Some questions:

  • How will Bronco Nation represent across the country in a 91,000-seat stadium?
  • Does Southwest fly to D.C.? (Yes!)
  • Are Hokie fans looking forward to this game? (Sort of.)
  • Will the Broncos get a return game out of the deal? No.
  • Is it enough to get the OOC haters off the Broncos' back next year? Boise State's schedule will have two, count 'em two, BCS teams with Oregon State already on the slate. Throw in Toledo and Wyoming, and there's not much to complain about.
  • Is this game a done deal? Not quite yet. Once Syracuse backed out of VaTech's schedule, the Hokies were able to add another team. Still, they'll have some maneuvering to fit the Broncos in, especially with Central Michigan holding the opening weekend spot.
  • Do the Broncos have a chance to win?

We'll have more reaction in the comments section. Sleep well tonight, Bronco Nation. Life is good.