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Boise State football scholarships are the new golden ticket

"This ticket entitles you to one free permanent retainer." (via <a href=""></a>)
"This ticket entitles you to one free permanent retainer." (via

As we've surmised and the Idaho Statesman has concurred, Boise State football scholarships for the 2010 class are hard to come by. But to hear Bronco prospects talk about them, these rare scholarships sound downright Wonka-esque.

"I was so honored to get one of their five scholarships," said CB Bryan Douglas, who said he had an offer from San Diego State. "I was one of the few kids to get a scholarship from them. It meant they really wanted me."

Somewhere, Coach Pete smiles, then returns to creating a digestible playbook pill.

The Broncos' first four honorees - DE Tyrone Crawford, QB Grant Hedrick, ATH Kyle Sosnowski, and Douglas - are the, pardon my Tom Scott, proverbial Augustus Gloops and Violet Beauregards of the college scene, players lucky enough to earn the attention and admiration of the Bronco coaching staff. And with one more ticket scholarship to go, the Boise State recruiting trail is nearly a point-for-point remake of the movie classic. Oh, if only David Augusto were still around to play the oompa loompa!

So who will be the Broncos' Charlie? Here are the players, according to, with scholarship offers waiting:

  • CB Jourdan Grandon
  • WR Davon Dunn
  • WR Matt Miller
  • OT Timothy Gifford

Let's just hope that whichever one it is, he doesn't bring along any senile grandparents.