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Fake Robb Akey Twitter page brings mustaches to the masses

Not enough WAC coaches have their own Twitter pages. Therefore, I had no choice but to create a fake one for Robb Akey.


Click on the thumbnail above or follow the jump to see the full version. It contains such classic Tweets as:

  • The only thing missing between Nathan Enderle and WAC Offensive Player of the Year? A mustache.
  • Team pic: Everyone's wearing shirts this year!
  • Anyone out there interested in starting at left guard for a D-1 football team this fall? DM me.

Throw in some Miley Cyrus lyrics, rash accusations against Deonte Jackson, and some redneck jokes, and I really don't see why the Robb Akey Twitter couldn't exist in the real world. Oh well. This will have to be good enough for now.