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Your 2009 list of Boise State Broncos in the CFL

The Canadian humidity has done wonders for Jon Gott's hair. (via <a href=""></a>)
The Canadian humidity has done wonders for Jon Gott's hair. (via

It is always football season somewhere, even if that somewhere is Canada. 

The CFL has become a halfway house for former Bronco players over the years, and this is no exception. Four former Bronco stars call Canada home in 2009. Follow the jump to see the full list of Bronco players Canucking it up in the Great White North. 

Edmonton Eskimos

QB Jared Zabransky

Z is holding down the number three quarterback spot in Edmonton, which has him right where he wants to be in his plan for being on the cover of EA Sports' CFL 2012. Note: There are no P.F. Chang's in Edmonton. Yet.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

WR Drisan James

James spent the past couple summers auditioning for the rosters of NFL teams. After his latest gig with the Raiders didn't work out, the CFL called, and James answered. James, wearing No. 76 in honor of some giant lineman he apparently idolizes, is one of seven wide receivers on the roster (none of whom you would recognize), which bodes well for the Tiger-Cats' infamous seven-WR sets.

Montreal Alouettes

OL Andrew Woodruff

Woodruff went in the second round of last year's CFL draft, and he then signed a $400,000 contract with the team, making him the richest man in Canada. Woodruff will miss the first week of CFL action with an injury, but who needs playing time when you're rolling in loonies and toonies? Am I right or am I right? Live large, AW.

Calgary Stampeders

OL Jon Gott

Gott went in the fifth round to the "Stamps," and he'll have the Canadian honor of protecting everyone's favorite CFL quarterback, Henry Burris. Well, he will protect him in every game except the one versus Edmonton because once an Eskimos fan, always an Eskimos fan.

Before we continue, I should make a little bit of an admission. I was born in Edmonton and I lived there until Grade 6 or so before I moved to Lethbridge, so I was an Eskimos fan. But obviously I’m a Stampeders fan now.

CFL News and Notes

The CFL season begins with a doubleheader on July 1 - Canada Day.

You can catch CFL games on ESPN360, TSN, Altitude, CSN, and Check your local listings or just stumble upon it randomly while you're flipping channels.