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Get 'em while they're still available: Boise State football season tickets go on sale to public

If you're desperate for tickets to the Oregon game, have a bunch of money to blow, and don't mind seeing UC Davis in person, then I have news for you: Boise State football season tickets go on sale to the general public today.

If you'd rather just see Oregon and not really bother with anything else (and certainly not UC Davis), then I have news for you also: individual game tickets go on sale in mid-August. Oh, and there might not be any Oregon seats left when they do.

For safety's sake, I'd recommend digging deep into your child's college fund, breaking out your bejeweled Boise State razor phone, and hitting up the Bronco ticket office starting today. The number to call is (208) 426-4737, or you can head to and try in vain to figure out where you should go from there.

Out of the 23,500 seats that are available for season ticket purchase, the Broncos have currently sold 18,325. And if my math is correct, that is slightly less than 100 percent. Here are the spots where tickets can still be bought:

  • 2,200 end zone seats at $215 per NEZ (no scoreboard and tons 'o kids) and $264 per SEZ (scoreboard for farsighted people and possibly a band sitting next to you)
  • 400 family plan seats at $738 for two adults and two junior tix to each game (preferably your juniors and not somebody else's) and $305 or $330 for non-priority seats (like from behind the counter at the Dip'n'Dots)
  • 2,575 between-the-goalline seats at $387 with a mandatory (but tax deductible!) donation to the Bronco athletic program of anywhere between $140 to $925

Confused enough? Maybe this map will help out.


Season tickets will be on sale to the general public beginning this morning and going until the Broncos have wringed every last penny out of Bronco Nation. And then they will sell preseason DVDs.

Happy buying, Bronco Nation. See you in September