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Twittering coaches are the new rage; when will the WAC catch up?

Twitter is a big deal for reasons that I cannot exactly describe to you in words (because I do not know these reasons). Everyone's heard about it, all the young kids are doing it, and that's good enough for many Division-IA college coaches.

Like Pete Carroll:


And he's totally got that short url thing figured out, too!

USC's Other Coach Pete is the NCAA's posterTwitterer for his sometimes insane, sometimes TMI, but always entertaining Tweets. And Carroll's just the tip of the iceberg. College coaches around the country are Twittering it up (@NDHFC, @CoachSark) with great aplomb despite great technological ignorance (NDHFC Charlie Weis has yet to figure out the whole "followers" thing).

So when will the WAC jump on board?

A brief survey of WAC coaches, performed using a Twitter search and not an actual survey, reveals that not a single one of the WAC's nine head men use Twitter. The closest: Derek Dooley.


You mean ... not soon enough!

I personally cannot wait until Dooley's Twitter is up and running. What a gold mine of comedic intensity that will be.

And the same will be true of any WAC coach who braves the great unknown of the Twitterverse. I need Greg McMackin's Diet Coke updates, Robb Akey's mustache grooming tips, and Dick Tomey's morning medication play-by-play. What about Gary Anderson threatening via Twitter to compete in the WAC in four to seven years? Chris Ault mailing in Tweets like he mails in coaching performances because, well, he's in the Hall of Fame and stuff?

And oh, the wonderful day when our very own Coach Pete picks up Twitter. It could go down in history right along side the Berlin Wall coming down or the Oreo Blizzard being named "Blizzard of the Month."

Make it happen, WAC coaches.

In the meantime, I'm going to have to slake my thirst for ridiculous Twitterers by frequenting an old friend's Tweets.


"As if you couldn't tell they were really good kids by the eight exclamation points I used!!!!!"

That's gold. And so's this: Out of the 32 people whom Jones is following, one of them is @ColtBrennan09 - a fake Colt Brennan account that lists a slightly vulgar location, has had zero updates, and is probably right now at this moment stealing June Jones' online identity.

I personally don't see a downside to this Twitter thing. I just can't tell you why.