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2010 Recruiting: QB Grant Hedrick commits to Broncos

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And so it begins.

QB Grant Hedrick from Oregon's Central High School has given his verbal commitment to the Broncos, in what is sure to be the first in a wild summer of BSU recruiting.

Check out the live arm in the video below (he's #9 in red):

Hedrick has quick feet, a strong arm, and judging by how long it took him to commit following a scholarship offer at BSU's camp last week, great decisiveness.

"I knew that's where I wanted to go so I didn't take too much time," Hedrick said. "I talked it over with my dad and then called up coach (Chris) Peterson and committed about 20 minutes after they offered. Like I said, I'm thrilled with my decision and very happy to be going to Boise State."

Hedrick comes with the following recommendation from ESPN:

He is a deceptively quick athlete with terrific feet. Works from under center and out of the shotgun and gets set quickly. He is a poised and calm in his methods, yet shows some fire to his personality and is very competitive.

He's only a senior in high school, and already he's got Nathan Enderle beat.