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Countdown Schmountdown: #74

The atomic clock actually says that we have just 74 days until the Ducks hit the blue turf (hard).

So, today we'll continue our countdown by briefly highlighting the Bronco player with the jersey number that corresponds with the number of days remaining till the opener.Sorry there isn't a more clear and concise way to explain that.

And we're off..

#74 Tom Swanson, OL

Sammamish, Washington has only been on the map for a decade (literally), but has already produced some big Division 1 talent. They'd be hard pressed to produce one much bigger than 6'7" 300 lb. Tom Swanson, who redshirted for the Broncos last year. Swanson, whose name sounds like a brand of sausages and who looks like a center in the NBDL, is a mountain of a man...and he's only a frosh. Admittedly, I don't know much about the intricacies of the offensive line position...but I do know this: Kellen Moore is 6'0"...I'm gonna suggest that Tom stay low.

Swanson wrapped a stellar prep career at Skyline High School in 2007 by receiving All-State and All-Conference honors and helping his team to a state title. He produced honorable mention All-State and conference nods as a junior and won the offensive coach's awards in back-to-back seasons as well. Like everyone else, the Seattle Post Intelligencer found it impossible to ignore the Sammamish behemoth and placed him on their All-State team as a senior. Yes, it is safe to say that Tom Swanson left a big void on the Skyline O-line with his departure for the Blue...I also hear that the Sammamish Chuck-a-Rama went belly up mere weeks after big Tom headed Idaho way. Coincidence? Maybe. Completely made up by me? Definitely. One thing not made up are Swanson's see him (which I did at the Spring Game) is to fear him. He'll make things very interesting this Fall as the O-line strives to find an identity. Just keep in mind that Swanson/Potter bookends on the line would be 13 feet and nearly 600 pounds of OT goodness. They say prayer can move mountains...opposing defensive ends better get to praying.