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Boise State football's Public Enemy #1: Let the debate begin!

Public Enemy #1

It's that time of year again - time for measured dislike of others.

You may recall with great aplomb the high times we had last offseason picking a new enemy for Bronco Nation. There was name-calling, lawsuit-threatening, and more than a couple things which I now regret.

But most of all, there were Bronco fans uniting over a singular goal and purpose: hating the same stuff.

With general discord in mind, here are this year's Public Enemy #1 nominees:

  • Colin Kaepernick - QB, Nevada, run-first prepubescent fairy
  • Robb Akey - head coach, Idaho, the Northwest's very own mustachioed Kim Jong-Il
  • John Swofford - commissioner, Atlantic Coast Conference, demon keymaster of the BCS
  • Graham Watson - "journalist",, full-time resident of planet Grahamtune

Starting tomorrow and going through Friday, the OBNUG editorial team will be laying down each candidate's case. As of right now, there is a poll open in the sidebar for you to vote on who you think deserves a year's worth of insatiable scorn.

Let the search for OBNUG’s Public Enemy #1 begin!