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Help choose Boise State football's 2009 theme ... please

Boise State has had some pretty stellar season themes over the years. (My personal favorite is and always will be "Attack the WAC" because I like really obvious rhyming.)

And then there's this year's crop.

Over on the official Bronco Sports Twitter page (motto: "Now with fewer typos!"), BSU is asking for Bronco fans' opinions on what theme we think will be best, and while I don't want to say that the current selection is a letdown, I am definitely having flashbacks to DesktopWallpaperGate.

Is there a winner among the bunch? I begrudgingly choose one after the jump; you can choose one in the poll below.


I can honestly say I have no idea what this one refers to. One competitive non-conference game? One more year in the WAC and then the Broncos are so out of there? Kyle Wilson? I need a little more background before I'm going to choose an option as vague as this. Otherwise, it just seems like math.

"Bleed Blue"

Hmm, I feel like I've heard this one somewhere before.

I'm all for bleeding certain team colors, but I just can't get on board with something that could be loosely associated with New Mexico State. This is also why I don't support local agriculture.


I like the all CAPS. It's like yelling without all those superfluous exclamation marks.

But what exactly are the Broncos supposed to be finishing? This theme might have worked last year when they were struggling to put teams away in the second half. It might work this year when they struggle to find motivation for blowing out the University of Idaho again. Or it might fit better as my personal Dairy Queen chicken strip basket theme.

"Hammer It Home"

Doug Martin will assuredly be voting for this one.

The Hammer has become the ubiquitous curio for Boise State football. It's meaningful. It's marketable. It's $7.99 at Home Depot (not that I have my own and run out of my guest bedroom with it before home games). But is it theme worthy? And if I say yes will BSU be obligated to hand out foam faux sledgehammers before select home games?

"B Champions"

When the Broncos sneaked news of their new marketing campaign, I figured they would find some way to work abbreviated two letter words into my subconscious. But in the football team's annual theme? They're sneakier than I thought.

As a self-proclaimed grammar nazi, I might very well have a nervous breakdown if I am forced to endure a season of initialisms. Besides, the Broncos are already champions, so if we're going to be technical about it, this theme should really read: Continue B-ing Champions.

Verdict: Absent a write-in vote of "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose," I'm going to make my voice heard by voting for ... "Hammer It Home." It's catchy and a little dorky, which is about as close to Attack the WAC as I'm going to get.