Who would you rather watch BSU play?

Noting the ESPN college football "theme of the week" has been about non-conference scheduling, I started thinking how nice it would be to play the big boys more often than not.  Realizing that it's never going to happen as the larger, prominent schools (excluding Oregon -- thank you, Ducks) are never going to make a deal because BSU will require a home-and-home series, I set my hopes up for the post-season.

With that, I'd like to know what the 'Nation thinks about our post season opponent.


Personally, this is a tough decision myself.  Almost immediately, I'd throw out Georgia... I just don't want to re-live that again for another decade.  The redo with Oklahoma would be more of a lose-lose situation for the Broncos.  Win and you've already done that, lose and you give the Sooners vindication.

The leftover options created quite a puzzle for me.  So I've tried to rank them in order of most desired post-season bowl game:

4.  As much as I would love to pummel Ohio State into the ground and make their annoying "we play after every snap" band shut-up, I'll have to drop this to fourth.  Ohio State probably won't travel well if their opponent is of BSU caliber.  Their fans would also be rock-headed when it comes to discussing the match-up.  Besides, seeing the Broncos beating 'the' Ohio State 48-3 in a post-season game wouldn't be too appealing.  With their track record, I doubt they're making a BCS bowl this season anyway.

3.  I would love to play Florida, a Blue vs. Orange game, but I'd prefer this game be played only if it were in the NC game.  Seeing as that is no doubt ever possible, I'll have to leave this at third.

2. I probably would have picked USC #1 if they still had Mark Sanchez or if they were more solid in the QB position.  USC is a winning program, so no doubt they will have a good run this year again as well.  But I just don't feel comfortable with seeing them as the solid PAC-10 juggernaut you see year in and year out.  I'm picking Oregon and their little brother in Corvallis to beat them this year.

But still, regardless of their success (or predicted lack thereof [weird how a 2-3 loss season is a bad year for USC .. sounds familiar]), I'd like to see Coach Pete return to California and coach in the Rose Bowl against one of the most winningest programs in the decade.

1.  Texas!  I'm picking them with a Heisman winner and the most versatile Big 12 team (run, pass, defense) this season.  The only down side to playing vs. Texas is that I don't hate them.  It's hard to play a team and virtually spit in the face of your opposing friends when you respect their team and their accomplishments.  This game would probably be best playing in the Fiesta Bowl.  I think Texas just "fits" in that bowl game.  A return there to play a pure staple of college football would be one of my dreams.

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