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Countdown Schmountdown: #94

The atomic clock actually says that we have just 94 days until the Ducks hit the blue turf (hard).

So, today we'll continue our countdown by briefly highlighting the Bronco player with the jersey number that corresponds with the number of days remaining till the opener. Sorry there isn't a more clear and concise way to explain that.

And we're off...

#94 Byron Hout, DE/LB/Demigod

The human body is chiefly comprised of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen. Byron Hout is chiefly comprised of toughness, awesome, jet fuel, and win.

Hout came to the Broncos as part of the class of 2008, then promptly proceeded to make the travel roster as a true frosh and completely burned his redshirt by the time Louisiana Tech rolled into town. Not only did the Hout, who presumably was recruited to play linebacker, get heavy playing time in 2008 as a Defensive End, but he made opposing guards look utterly foolish. What Hout has planned for a 3-year encore is at once utterly terrifying for WAC foes and utterly terrific for Bronco fans.

Hout is a two-time Idaho Gatorade player of the year in the 5A ranks and as a senior at Couer d'Alene's Lake City High notched 80 tackles, three sacks, 20 tackles for loss, three interceptions, seven forced fumbles, five fumble recoveries, 10 hurries and a touchdown. Oh yeah, and it was his first year playing linebacker. As a high school underclassmen, he played on the Offensive and Defensive lines...he didn't suck there either—racking up 80 tackles, 12 sacks, 16 tackles for loss, four forced fumbles and two touchdowns as a junior and 85 tackles, four sacks and 11 tackles for loss while forcing six fumbles and recovering three fumbles as a sophomore. In case you didn't notice...I highlighted the accomplishments that were a tad impressive. Heck, I would've highlighted the entire thing (and used caps lock) but it would've gotten hard to read.

Fact: Byron Hout is awesome.

Hout provided one of the most memorable moments (for Bronco fans) of the 2008 Poinsettia Bowl, epically "yoink"ing an Andy "Ginger" Dalton  pass at the line of scrimmage and returning it 62 yards (with spinmoves!). If Hout had taken it another 11 yards we'd still be reveling in another undefeated season. The bottom line is this: Hout is on the defensive line to stay and his best years are ahead of him. Bronco fans can look forward to Hout making up for those 11 yards he was shy of the goal-line in the Poinsettia Bowl...and then some, and afraid, be very afraid.