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A story fit for a FanPost: the weekend in Boise State football

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There was much to talk about this weekend if you were a Boise State football fan. Well, there was much to talk about relative to it being late-May, early-June.

The biggest news is that the Broncos will be unveiling their 2009 uniforms today at 10:00 am MT. I'll be bringing you the details at that time, and hopefully the details will not include multi-colored mesh shoulder pad patches a la the University of Oregon. We'll see.

To hold you over until 10:00, I've compiled some stories from around the country relating to Boise State football, college football in general, and everyone's favorite keyboard-playing cat. Stay procrastinating.

Boise State to the Rose Bowl? Dreams do come true!

In a story that hit late last week, Tony Barnhart of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution discovered that ESPN wrote a nifty little oh-by-the-way into their new BCS contract.

The first time in the deal that the Rose loses one of its champions to the BCS title game, that opening will be automatically filled by a Coalition (non-BCS conference) team if one has qualified.

Basically, if the top Big Ten or Pac-10 team gets bumped up to the national championship, a non-BCS school gets first crack at taking their place in the Granddaddy of them all. I consider it reparations for the last couple years of the BCS. It's a start.

Boise State is pursuing some local quarterback prospect

I would tell you more, but I'm too cheap to pay for the subscription.

What we don't know won't hurt us: Coaches' poll goes dark

The coaches will no longer be open and honest about their final polls, and this has at least one insider screaming, "Playoff!"

How he got to that conclusion is still a little fuzzy, but basically he thinks that private poll results breeds conflict of interest which breeds fan angst which breeds ... change? All I know is that my fan angst hasn't bred anything but more fan angst over the past two years, so I'm not sure why things will be any different now.

Sorry, Wii owners. Have you tried the new Punch-Out!!?

EA Sports will not be bringing its NCAA Football franchise to the Wii this season. Apparently, a contract could not be worked out with cover athlete Bush Hamdan.

If you're a one-console household hoping to play college football, your one console better not be the Wii.

"In the interest of providing our consumers with the best possible college football experience, we are currently evaluating our approach to the NCAA Football franchise on the Wii," the publisher told GameSpot. "As such, we will not be releasing an NCAA Football title in 2009 for the Wii."

No word yet on the Gamecube, but I wouldn't keep my fingers crossed.

More links to kill time until 10:00: You can preorder those new Bronco uniforms if you want, fluff pieces on Gerald Alexander and Ryan Clady, one of the worst headlines I have ever seen, and finally ... keyboard cat. Enjoy.