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Boise State gets o-line help from an unexpected source, right Bruce Feldman?

"Bruce Feldman's my dad."  <a href=""></a>
"Bruce Feldman's my dad."

If you do not know who Michael Ames is, then ESPN's Bruce Feldman would like to have a word with you.

The Broncos have been searching for more help on the O-line, and Ames ... looks like one of their answers.

Feldman's empirical evidence?

(Ames) impressed the BSU staff with his intelligence and his work ethic.

All of which begs the question: Who's Michael Ames again?

While I don't mean to doubt the all-knowing, uber-connected Feldman, it is rather surprising to see Ames make a national list of "10 breakout players from spring practices." Maybe "10 players from spring practice I mistook for Bart Hendricks," but certainly not breakout players. If anything, I would have expected Feldman to name Winston Venable or Michael Atkinson if he were picking a star of BSU's spring football. But a walk-on freshman offensive lineman? Help me out here, Tom Scott!

Feldman said yesterday on Idaho SportsTalk he noticed Ames standing out in reports coming out of Boise during spring ball and decided Ames was worthy of a top 10 spot on his list.

First off, thank goodness someone is listening to Idaho SportsTalk so I don't have to. Second, I was not aware that anyone was reporting on Boise State spring ball (Statesman! Roasted!). And third, at least it's good to have another big-bodied, stout o-lineman at our beck and call.

Michael Ames 6'5" 255

Come again?


Not even Ames' official Boise State player biography is any help.

Two-year letterman at Centennial High School in Meridian, Idaho, where he played under coach Lee Neumann ... As a senior was named second-team all-state and first-team All-Southern Idaho Conference ... Named Southern Idaho All-Conference honorable mention during his junior season.

... in 2004.

Ames took time away from football for a church mission, thereby not participating in an actual football game since Matt Leinart was a Heisman Trophy winner.

Nevertheless, any good news about the Broncos' offensive line is great news as far as Boise State fans are concerned. Assuming that Bruce Feldman is not pulling things out of thin air a la coworker Graham Watson, Boise State could be relatively stacked across the front five come fall.

Picture this starting lineup:

  • T Nate Potter
  • T Matt Slater
  • G Cory Yriarte
  • G Kevin Sapien
  • C Thomas Byrd

Throw the indomitable Ames into that mix, and you have yourself a formidable bunch.

Right, Bruce Feldman?

... Right?