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The Great Migration

I know it must seem callous for me to be here, on OBNUG, with Fight, Fight BSU's eulogy so fresh in all of our minds...but we all must move on. Be strong, FFBSU followers, for blogs never really go away—sometimes they just move to a new city and get remarried...and you can still see them every other weekend.

You see, I feel lucky to have been FFBSU's caretaker through 300 non-sensical posts and a couple of years of laughter, tears, and mustache jokes...but a new era of Bronco blogging has dawned—one where mustache jokes aren't just made...but conferred with a panel of experts until they are hilarious-er . FFBSU is gone, but it's spirit will live on in our hearts and on the Blogger server forever. As the executor of FFBSU's estate, I have decided to join forces with OBNUG so that FFBSU's posterity can have a brighter future. Some may call it an alliance. I would also call it that.

When Kevan first approached me about joining the OBNUG family, I will admit having some trepidation. I foolishly thought that Kevan was after the $13 that I had accumulated on Google Adsense. After all, I was going to spend that money on a Bronco gumball machine. So I withdrew from Kevan's advances and ultimately ended up witnessing OBNUG's surprisingly sudden departure from the blog scene. It seems I had made the right decision and was well on my way to being the Bronco Blogging B.M.O.C. But alas, I could not carry the burden of OBNUG's mantle...I could not post 5 or 6 inane blogposts a day like Kevan and Co. could...the torch was extinguished. But wait! Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, OBNUG re-emerged — casting aside their lofty plans of world domination and rededicating themselves to being the best Bronco blog around by building a coalition. Affiliation with SB Nation soon followed and I was wont to resist the warming OBNUG glow any longer. The die was cast...OBNUG was becoming the DeathStar and FFBSU merely Alderron.

I'm no Judas and I haven't been the victim of a hostile takeover. OBNUG and FFBSU were always on the same was just A squad and one B squad ( I was A squad, cuz I'm older).  A and B squad are both great, especially if you're the B squad leader—but together, they can perform much more complex missions, take on bigger foes, and be the best darn Bronco blog on the internets (that's right, I said 'internets'). That's what Bronco Nation deserves...and now that's what they're gonna get. Don't cry for FFBSU or it's slick header can always visit if you want, but it's just a shell's lifeblood—content—reduced to mere archives. That content, and it's unique voice, are now OBNUG. Go Broncos. Go B squad.