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Sabbatical over: OBNUG returns to Boise State blogging

It's official. I am a flighty girl when it comes to making decisions.

Today marks my official return to blogging about Boise State football, a mere four months after I quit blogging about Boise State football. What can I say? I'm wishy-washy.

The truth is that I really missed the experience of covering the best college football team in the world. I missed the great players, the smart fans, the exciting games. And the burnout! Welcome back, old friend.

As you can see, the blog's furnishings have changed a little bit since I was last here. OBNUG is now a part of SB Nation, the world's largest sports blog network, according to SB Nation. We're thrilled, according to SB Nation.

The change in affiliation won't affect what we do at all, but it does have some benefits for you readers. This blog is now decidedly more democratic. You have the ability to write posts whenever you want and on whatever topics you choose. Just head on over to the right sidebar and write a FanPost. If you've got something shorter to say or just want to share a link, photo, or video, put it in a FanShot. The OBNUG community gets a chance to comment and rate your material, and if it gets enough love, I'll promote it to the main OBNUG feed. Either that, or I'll re-post it and take credit for myself.

And if that's not news enough, be prepared to have your mind blown by this: Drew from Fight Fight BSU will be joining OBNUG on a permanent basis. It's the nerdiest merger in the history of mergers.

Drew will be by later to say hello. He'll blog off and on throughout the offseason and then resume some of his favorite features once the regular season kicks off. If you like Kellen Moore Facts, this should be very good news for you.

Other announcements: Apparently Twitter is a big deal. As such, we've started an OBNUG Twitter feed. It is mostly another form of RSS for our blog posts, but it could become more at any point I feel like figuring out what people use Twitter for. Follow us at @obnug.

If you're more into the timesuck of Facebook, we're reviving the OBNUG Facebook group and adding an OBNUG Facebook page. These will gain even more value once I figure out the difference between the two.

Some other changes you might see include my writing in first person, one or two quality posts a day (for now) rather than six or seven iffy ones, and a complete lack of archives for the next couple weeks while we fix a bug. Other than that, everything will be back to normal. OBNUG's Nick is still here; the OBNUG intern is kicking around somewhere; I'm still obsessed with Marty Tadman. Pretty much the uze.

I can't wait to get back into the groove of things and pick up where I left off. Well, maybe not exactly where I left off because that was not a good place for me. But I hope that OBNUG will get back the community and brotherhood that I abandoned a few months ago. If it can happen in Wolverine, it can happen here.

And hey, at least the offseason won't be as quiet now.

Ps. I got you a gift. It's an e-book that has some kerning issues. You can download it for free over in the sidebar.