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Good bye, Bronco Stadium: let the naming rights battle begin

And you thought the Stueckle Sky Club was gaudy.
And you thought the Stueckle Sky Club was gaudy.

Boise State will be receiving up to $33 million from its new media contract with Learfield Sports, beginning next year.

Good for the Broncos. Possibly life-changing for us fans.

As part of the Learfield deal, the naming rights for Bronco Stadium might be up for grabs, meaning Boise State's home turf might soon take on a much more corporate, much less appropriate feel. Just thinking about it makes me want to take another shower.

(Also of note, Learfield Sports is the same Learfield Sports that handles the media and marketing for the University of Idaho. Uh, yuck. This probably wasn't prominently listed on Learfield's resume when they bid for the BSU contract.)

We all remember when the BSU Pavilion went the way of the chalupa. Taco Bell Arena has slowly wormed its way into our consciousness by now, and we hardly even notice any more. Will the same be true of Bronco Stadium's impending foray into the land of inconsequence?

It will depend on just how unbecoming the new name is. With that in mind, here are ten likely suitors who could be battling for Bronco Stadium naming rights next fall.

  1. Tom Scott Honda Stadium
  2. The Carl's Jr. Colisseum
  3. The China Blue Rave Stadium feat. DJ Shakeyomoneymaker
  4. Augusto Place
  5. Yes we're still in business Stadium presented by CBH Homes
  6. Idaho Discovery Center Exploratorium
  7. P.F. Chang's Stadium
  8. T.G.I. Friday's App Place
  9. Blue Turf Towel Guy Stadium
  10. Magic 93.1 Brizzle Stizzle

God help us all.