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NCAA Football 2010: WAC-specific features we might be seeing

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When EA Sports' NCAA Football 2010 hits stores on July 14, there will be no Bronco on the cover. My Vinny Perretta write-in campaign failed miserably. There will be a massive CGI overhaul of Bronco Stadium. R.I.P, Corey Barton Touchdown House. And there could very well be a feature like this:

In addition to Dynasty, there is now an "Alternate Reality" mode where the season ends in a playoff that still doesn’t include Utah or Boise State.

Would anyone be surprised?

This fake feature is one of several semi-believable NCAA 2010 features that Third Saturday in Blogtober came up with for the upcoming video game release. And their list, with a large SEC/ACC tilt, got me thinking about what a WAC-specific feature list might look like.

(Speaking of a WAC-specific NCAA 2010 video game, what would the market be like for one of those? Chase Holbrook? Karl Benson's grandchildren? I imagine that it would be terribly cost-prohibitive, kind of like the Independence Bowl.)

So without further ado, here are 10 features that could work for NCAA Football 2010: The WAC. If I left any out, let me know in the comments.

  • The Vandals not having the state of Idaho on their recruiting map.
  • The option to have the Boise State head coach provide a press release every offseason to dispel Internet rumors that he's taking the Mississippi State job. 
  • The Konami Code resuscitates the San Jose State head coach whenever he has "a moment."
  • Unlockable all-time WAC team, which is basically just the 2006 Broncos with Colt Brennan as a backup quarterback.
  • In offseason mode, five-star recruits openly laugh in the face of the New Mexico State coaching staff.
  • A "Preseason" mode, where a conference champion is crowned before the team ever takes the field.
  • Fresno State always has a Carr brother to recruit.
  • The mercy rule for when you're behind 70-0.
  • Updated graphics engine that actually shows trash blowing around on Hawaii's home field.
  • Robb Akey's mustache as a playable character.