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No. 11 vs. No. 14: Broncos vs. Ducks could be epic

It's the offseason, which means football fans are bored out of their minds, Fresno State is preparing its WAC championship acceptance speech, and enterprising ESPN columnists are making up rankings that mean nothing in the big picture but mean everything to fans who are desperate for something to talk about.

Thank you, Mark Schlabach.

The ESPN writer posted his post-spring Top 25, and in it he has the Broncos nipping at Oregon's heels. Boise State is Schlabach's No. 14-ranked team; the Ducks are No. 11.

And the importance of September 3rd - the season opener for both teams when Oregon visits BSU - is not at all lost on Schlabach.

In the Broncos' recap, he writes:

We might know before the first Saturday of the season whether the Broncos are again a legitimate BCS bowl game contender. Boise State opens the season Thursday, Sept. 3 against Oregon on the blue turf of Bronco Stadium. The opener is being called the most anticipated home game in school history.

And in his Oregon recap:

(Chip Kelly's) honeymoon won't last long. The Ducks open the season Sept. 3 at Boise State.

A matchup of two Top 15 teams on a season-opening Thursday night primetime telecast would be huge, both for Boise State's national recognition and for that scrappy Blue Turf Towel guy. What crazy copyright-infringing scheme will he cook up next? Whatever it is, put me down for one.

Even better, the thought of such a high profile game is all sorts of enticing for Bronco fans who will be spending the next four months dreaming of what could be.

Did I say "better"? I meant "worse." Oh, September 3rd ... get here already!