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Other than ESPN, where will Boise State football games land on TV?

Idaho Sports Talk's Jeff Caves made an interesting point on his Twitter page yesterday, and despite the fact that the world must be ending soon because I just wrote that sentence, here's his point:

So who exacyly (sic) will televise the BSU football games NOT on ESPN? Anybody? Bowling Green game? No BSU football in bars ?

Caves is referring to a story on KTVB about Boise State's new media contract with LearField Communications, which doesn't begin until 2010-2011. Still, KTVB was forthcoming with this nugget:

For now it is unclear where the games will wind up on your TV and radio dials. The KTVB News Group is in the final year of its television contract with the university. Peak Broadcasting and KIDO radio have one year remaining on its deal with the school for radio rights.


It also is not yet known where television games will appear this fall.

Six of the Broncos' 13 games appear destined for national broadcasts as they fall on weeknights. As for the other seven, who knows? KTVB hasn't a clue. Jeff Caves is in the dark. I am completely open to starting rumors that KNIN channel nine will be carrying the games, complete with Frasier re-runs in lieu of a halftime show.

In fact, with LearField Comm having to choose a TV provider after this year, perhaps the Broncos should open up the TV rights to all local stations. There are seven games that might be left uncovered by the greedy paw of ESPN, so why not a local broadcast lineup like this:

  • Miami (OH) on KTVB. Might as well give the incumbents the first shot at making a good impression. Although, with David Augusto no longer part of the team, the broadcast certainly will be less memorable, if not more informative.
  • @ Bowling Green on KBCI, channel two. I have it on good authority that Channel 2 sports director J Bates has always wanted to visit Bowling Green, Kentucky Ohio. Plus, can you say live-blog?
  • UC Davis on FOX 12. Put the morning show team on this one. It might be the only way to make it bearable.
  • @ Hawaii on KIVI Channel 6. With precision sideline reporting by Scott Dorval.
  • San Jose State on KNIN, channel nine. Seriously, halftime Frasier re-runs, and if we're lucky, a pre-game show of 3rd Rock from the Sun and Friends.
  • Idaho on PBS, Idaho Public Television. I smell a telethon to raise money for Akey's stache to start its own coffee shop/Hot Topic.
  • New Mexico State on Channel 6's alternate Spanish channel. Donde esta la biblioteca, Randy Walker?

It would be a lock-down, drag-out, hair-pieced brawl, and it would be far more entertaining than Tom Scott and Mark Johnson cracking wise at the end of a 49-0 blowout (I'm thinking, specifically, of last year's NMSU game).

So who's going to televise the Broncos' non-ESPN games this fall?

Why not everyone?