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Ah, the Oregon game: a biased list of Boise State's memorable year

Most likely a pass thrown by Chris Harper. via <a href="">Idaho Statesman</a>
Most likely a pass thrown by Chris Harper. via Idaho Statesman

Bless those young, eager reporter souls at the Arbiter.

Boise State's student newspaper is first of all loyal to the Broncos, second of all not really a fan of what I do here, and third of all completely correct when it makes a top ten list of the best moments in Bronco athletics over the past year.

Well, at least the first item is completely correct.

1. Boise State defeats No. 17 Oregon in Eugene
In a game that was supposed to be heavily in favor of the Ducks, the Broncos surged forward for three quarters of football that will go down in the history of Boise State football as one of the most exciting encounters in program history. Despite a late Oregon surge, BSU won 37-32. In the same game freshman quarterback Kellen Moore proved himself to the nation that he was the future of BSU football.

Then the list kind of disappoints after that.

In the spirit of equality and (probably) Title IX, the Arbiter's list also includes the Broncos winning the WAC gymnastics title and the softball team sweeping the State of Idaho Tournament. I can't wait for the DVD on those. Get with it, Pro Image!

The Boise State football team grabbed two other mentions on the list: the undefeated regular season at No. 6 and Ian Johnson's TD record at No. 8. But only three spots out of ten? In an athletic scene so clearly dominated by one sport? Not good enough.

Here's how my list would look if I were Arbiter editor (and I will be Arbiter editor someday ... you watch your back, 21-year-old journalism students).

  1. Boise State defeats No. 17 Oregon in Eugene.
  2. Boise State wins all of its regular season games, doing everything that the BCS could have asked it to do in order to be considered for a big-time bowl game.
  3. Kellen Moore is named starting quarterback, and my life changes for the better.
  4. The Boise State defense finishes third nationally in scoring defense and 20th in overall "D."
  5. Boise State "takes back the WAC," providing both a fulfilled prophecy and a cool T-shirt that I wear around still to this day.
  6. Something about basketball.
  7. Jeron Johnson maims Russell Hill.
  8. Ian Johnson gets his touchdown record (note: if I were Arbiter editor, I would be contractually obligated to mention this and also to mention that Johnson has "a team-first attitude and magnetic personality.")
  9. Boise State does not have to go to the Humanitarian Bowl.
  10. Gymnastics and softball stuff and junk.

I respect the Arbiter's list for being fair and balanced. But both the Arbiter and I know that Boise State athletics is not fair and balanced. It is a teeter-totter with a small child on one side and a 300-pound Mark Mangino character on the other.

I like to think that my list captures Mangino's largess fairly accurately.