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OBNUG's Pick 'Em Contest - The results

It's been 14 long weeks and the time is here. Time to crown our season ending champ.

This may be the end of our Pick 'Em contest in this incarnation, but we'll be announcing our bowl pick 'em group later today so stay tuned. Join me after the jump for the closing festivities and a tiebreaker to end all tiebreakers.

Week 14 results

Let's get this out of the way first. We had yet another tie at the top this week. This time DUKE02DEUCE and MooreWalksOnWater separated themselves from the pack with 7 correct picks each.

What was the deciding factor for these two? They didn't get caught up in their homerism and picked with their head instead of the their heart. Both looked at the absurd 47.5 point spread that Boise State was favored by and thought better of it, going with New Mexico State. The only other two to do likewise were TreuBleu and Finloopio. 

So we went to the tiebreaker and with a tiebreaker guess of 56, MooreWalksOnWater walks away with yet another win this week over DUKE02DEUCE's guess of 66. Congrats guys.

The season ending results

At the end of 13 weeks, the top of our leader board looked like this:

OBNUG Commenter Correct Picks
Mikrino 61
Mountngrown 60
Belexes 57

So, needing 4 correct over Mikrino to just be in the discussion, Belexes went out this week with a 5 and FFBSU with a 4. Neither picked against Boise State in hopes to make up a game. 

And then there were two

Over the last few weeks, this has turned into a two-man race between Mikrino and Mountngrown and with one week to go, only one game separated them.

This has really been a tale of two different approaches to get to this point. Mikrino sits atop the leader board with a slow and steady approach, putting up consistent scores week to week - never once winning a week outright. He came within one a few times and even lost a tiebreaker in week 4. 

Mountngrown on the other hand has won twice in weeks 10 and 12. He's had a penchant for getting hot at the right time.

How they fared

So, it came down to last week. Mountngrown got his picks in first and Mikrino followed soon after. Here are their picks:

Mikrino Florida Texas Pittsburgh Georgia Tech USC Houston Fresno State Louisiana Tech Wisconsin Boise State
Mountngrown Alabama Texas Pittsburgh Georgia Tech USC Houston Fresno State Louisiana Tech Wisconsin Boise State


That's right, the only difference? The Florida vs Alabama game. With Alabama winning outright that means that Mountngrown picked up one spot on Mikrino this week posting a 6 to Mikrino's 5.

The mother of all tiebreakers

After 14 weeks, Mikrino and Mountngrown both had picked 66 correct games. Amazing. Amazing and frustrating. As I sat there staring at my screen in amazement, I knew there was only one way to resolve this. I had to total up all of their tiebreaking guesses to one massive total and compare it to the total points scored in all the tiebreaking games. 

After taking time to curse both of you in my head, I got down to the task and here are the results:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Total Points  
Mikrino 65 52 64 68 58 53 75 66 62 59 80 70 91 62 925  
Mountngrown 48 69 51 65 65 54 79 65 63 63 73 69 80 68 912 Winner va massive tiebreaker
Actual 27 48 85 53 50 54 29 63 52 90 88 73 77 49 838


And with that, Mountngrown has been named our season ending champion overcoming Mikrino in stunning fashion.

Congrats to both of you. Now let someone else win bowl pick 'em!

UPDATE: Forgot to add the weekly standings (20 points or greater listed below)

Weekly breakdown with final standings here

OBNUG Commenter Correct Picks
Mikrino 66
Mountngrown 66
Belexes 62
TheShrewdOne 62
LoneSausages 61
killtacular 60
Mkingery 60
MooreWalksOnWater 60
JasonHaberman 59
Kevan Lee 59
Dr. Jrig 57
Finloopio 57
forum8usa 57
TitoRay 57
OBNUG Intern 56
CaptainBronco 55
Loque 55
TitanBronco 55
BoiseState 52
PeaDiddy 52
BroncoFever 51
Nick 50
Drofdarb3 49
StatueLeft 49
Trek7k 48
BroncocnorB 47
DuckCountryBSUFan 46
Magnanimous M@tt 45
Egnowit 42
BSUFlyboy 41
Romaisvaje 41
BustersBFF 39
mrefficiency 38
Crazylegs 35
TreuBleu 35
divox21 34
bsu415 31
Gobluebroncs 31
Busterfan 30
leadtrumpetdave 28
joe bob priddy 27
bsudayas 26
marktgarten 26
summitkopp 26
J-Stat 21