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Rank the BCS games; does Boise State versus TCU come out on top?

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Now that emotions have settled down following the Fiesta Bowl announcement, it's easier to appreciate the top-notch matchup between two of the best teams in the country. Is it the best matchup?

Where does TCU-Boise State rank among the other BCS games this bowl season? Did the Broncos wind up in the best bowl game of them all? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and join me after the jump for a look at how the other games stack up.

(Rankings below are my personal opinion. Think I'm an idiot? Share your opinion in the comments.)

Most anticipated BCS bowl game:

  1. Boise State vs. TCU
  2. Alabama vs. Texas
  3. Florida vs. Cincinnati
  4. Ohio State vs. Oregon
  5. Iowa vs. Georgia Tech

Here's the way I see it: Iowa vs. Georgia Tech is a snooze-fest, Florida vs. Cincinnati has serious WWE-staged-outcome possibilities with it being Tim Tebow's final game, Ohio State vs. Oregon gives me a deja vu feeling, Alabama vs. Texas seems to be a foregone conclusion. And that leaves Boise State vs. TCU, not that it needs to win this category by default. The matchup between the Broncos and the Horned Frogs is the most compelling of the BCS games.

Most competitive BCS bowl game

  1. Ohio State vs. Oregon (-3.5)
  2. Iowa vs. Georgia Tech (-4)
  3. Alabama (-5.5) vs. Texas
  4. Boise State vs. TCU (-7)
  5. Florida (-10) vs. Cincinnati

I'm just quoting the odds on this one. I'm a little surprised that Oregon isn't favored by more points, considering that public perception seems to be that Big Ten teams struggle with speed and athleticism. Florida's big spread doesn't surprise me, although I believe the Gators are overrated and the Bearcats are underrated.

Most TV-ready BCS bowl game

  1. Alabama vs. Texas
  2. Ohio State vs. Oregon
  3. Florida vs. Cincinnati
  4. Boise State vs. TCU
  5. Iowa vs. Georgia Tech

Again, this is purely my opinion. The BCS National Championship game should always get the biggest TV audience because it is the only bowl where something serious is at stake. The Rose Bowl will get the traditional big TV numbers, and anything with Florida should get people watching. It was kind of a toss-up for me on whether the Fiesta or the Orange would have the lower TV ratings. The matchup of Iowa vs. Georgia Tech doesn't send me sprinting to my TiVo, but then again, I am a big fan of Austin City Limits, so my viewing habits don't necessarily reflect that of the typical American.

BCS bowl game with the most name recognition

  1. Alabama vs. Texas
  2. Florida vs. Cincinnati
  3. Ohio State vs. Oregon
  4. Iowa vs. Georgia Tech
  5. Boise State vs. TCU

The national championship game has two Heisman finalists. The Orange Bowl has Tebow and future Notre Dame coach (?) Brian Kelly. Terrelle Pryor and Jeremiah Masoli square off in the Rose, and Paul Johnson and his triple option are in the Orange. How many people outside of the MWC can name a TCU player? How many people outside of the WAC could name a Bronco besides Kellen Moore?

Best of the rest

There are some other good matchups this bowl season. Do any come close to the potential drama of TCU-Boise State?

  • Meineke Car Care Bowl: Pitt vs. North Carolina
  • Holiday Bowl: Arizona vs. Nebraska
  • Sun Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Stanford
  • Capital One Bowl: Penn State vs. LSU
  • Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Ole Miss
  • Armed Forces Bowl: Houston vs. Air Force

Worst of the rest

I really wanted to not have to put the Humanitarian Bowl on this list, but ...

  • Humanitarian Bowl: Bowling Green vs. Idaho
  • Little Ceasar's Bowl: Marshall vs. Ohio
  • International Bowl: South Florida vs. Northern Illinois

What these rankings mean

A lot has been written about how disappointing the TCU - Boise State matchup is, and while I won't argue that point from a BCS implication perspective, I do think that it is important to see just how exciting of a matchup this game affords.

TCU will be the toughest team the Broncos have faced this season. Couldn't you say the same for the Horned Frogs against the Broncos? I think the Fiesta will be the best bowl game of the year, even though it won't have much of an impact on the reputation of non-BCS teams. In the Fiesta, fans will be treated to some truly excellent football. And if there's one thing I've learned this season it is this: Appreciate good football when you see it and don't get caught up in the other stuff. Good football is the only pure thing left in the sport.

What are your bowl rankings?

I am quite sure that I messed up some of the above rankings, so let me know where you disagree. Am I being too harsh on the Orange Bowl? Am I giving the Rose too much credit? Do you think that the Fiesta will be the best BCS bowl game of the season - national championship game included?

Share your thoughts in the comments.