The Mikrino Poll: Let's do like every other talking head this week, and completely overlook NMSU. YAY!

Welcome once again the Mikrino Poll. Sit back and enjoy the awesomeness that is me! This week we'll follow the lead of ESPN and completely assume that a win this Saturday is a foregone conclusion for the Broncos. We'll move right into which BCS bowl the Broncos will get, and why you shouldn't believe insider info, from a blog.

It does not look good

when 5 of your 12 opponents are currently ranked 99th or lower. That means you are playing five games where all you need to do is make sure the bus gets to the game on time. That doesn’t impress folks. I think your coach has the right idea though…you need to catch people’s attention and the trickery and such does just that. But, in a serious conference with NFL capable players, someone would get maimed if you tried that stuff week in and week out. I could see you losing players left and right in the Big Ten over the course of a full season.

NFL capable players?

The above comment alone makes me want to see the Broncos get Iowa in the Fiesta Bowl. And then proceed to pound them into the turf with loads of Doug Martin and Dan Paul. Every time some ignorant, random, BCS team's fan, makes a comment about trickery/gimmicky/gadget/smurf turf Boise State, I immediately dismiss their ability to debate intelligently. Then I get pissed. Yes, the Broncos have and use tricks plays to their benefit. It doesn't make them a trick play offense, does it?

So as we completely step over NMSU tomorrow, we'll all begin looking forward to a possible BCS bid. Then on Christmas morning Sunday, we'll find out Boise State's fate. And I now really hope it's Iowa.

God Hates Iowa.

No really, He HATES Iowa.

So this week's poll will center on the myriad ways Boise State would defile Hawkeye Football. We'll also make this poll multi-lateral. Which is to say, if the Broncos happen to get a BCS bid against a team other than Iowa, insert their name into poll choices and, Voila! Your hatred shifts instantly. AWESOOOME!

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