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Fiesta Bowl preview: Is Titus Young Boise State's only chance of winning?

In the latest issue of ESPN the Magazine, the Fiesta Bowl gets some face time, and Titus Young is hailed as Boise State's only hope. Oh yeah, and Rick Reilly wrote something I didn't bother reading.

Do you think having an effective Titus Young is the only way Boise State wins the Fiesta Bowl? Is ESPN taking things too far? Find out exactly what the magazine said after the jump, and share your thoughts in the comments.

In an article titled "Eight Big-Game Stars" featured in the back of the magazine where all the real journalism is kept, ESPN's Alan Grant wrote the following:

To have any shot, the Broncos will have to get creative with WR Titus Young. Look for him to be on the outside, in the slot, in the backfield, and constantly in motion. And since the Horned Frogs play mostly man coverage, Young could get tons of chances to rack up the yards.

Grant's introductory phrase is what jumped out the most at me. "To have any shot"? So essentially, if Titus Young is not a big part of the offense, Boise State has no chance of winning. And even if he is a big part of the offense, then Boise State only has "a shot" at winning and still may very well lose.

Alan Grant, who has been slipping you the TCU Kool-Aid? And have you not watched Boise State football all season long?

Boise State can "have a shot" by doing any number of things: running effectively, getting Jeremy Avery in space, protecting Kellen Moore, converting third downs, starting with a short field. And those are just on offense. The Broncos will "have a shot" and then some if their good defense shows up to play.

What's worse is that Grant failed to mention the most important role that Young may play in the Fiesta Bowl: kickoff returns. He was an all-conference returner and provided some big special teams plays at some big moments. If given the chance, he could break a big one in the Fiesta.

Saying that Young is the Broncos only chance is a little short-sighted, in my opinion. At the same time, I think that Young's impact on the game is one of the most interesting storylines. If Austin Pettis cannot go, Young will be the Broncos' go-to receiver. He failed to impress with Pettis out against Nevada and New Mexico State, so will Bronco coaches have figured out a way to get him involved? And will TCU really single cover him if he is Kellen Moore's best passing option?

What are your thoughts? Is having an effective Titus Young the only way Boise State can win? How do you think Young will do against the Horned Frog defense? Share your thoughts in the comments.