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Bronco Basketball Update: Anthony Thomas shows up for Houston Baptist

The Broncos had an easy week of hoops, only playing one game, defeating Houston Baptist 96-59 with many Broncos playing well, and all of them scoring except Nate Larsen. And because of the short week I will be doing a short recap as the Broncos move closer to WAC play.

3 Awesome Things: 

  1. SCORING! The Broncos scored 47 first-half points, which is pretty amazing until you consider they were playing Houston Baptist (a Division I school).
  2. Anthony Thomas: The senior finally found his shot, scoring 16.
  3. Double-doubles: Rare for the Broncos, but they didn't just have 1, they had 2. Daequon Montreal scoring 16 and 10 rebs. And Zack Moritz scoring 10 and 12 rebs.
  4. HOLIDAY BONUS: More scoring, the Broncos went on a decade best 23-1 run in the first half.

1 Bad Thing

  1. Nate Larsen (not as a player). He was the only Bronco not to score; I guess he wasn't feeling good after Fresno State almost ruined his bowl pick 'em with their loss.

Fast Facts:

  • Attendance - 2,417.
  • Scoring - Thomas/Montreal 16.
  • Reb - Montreal/Moritz 10/12.

One Opinion - I've talked abot Noonan needing to shoot, well he did...... and he shot a respectable 33% but missed some pretty easy shots. I want him to take more 3's, less mid-range. He's not there yet in terms of taking the most shots.

I know this was short but this is what happens when you hold off on xmas shopping. Happy Holidays to all.