Is Boise State struggling to sell its Fiesta Bowl ticket allotment?

Bronco athletics announced a new plan to get rid of 1,500 Fiesta Bowl tickets by asking fans to purchase tickets for $150 then donate them to military members. I've got no problems with that. Military people are some of my favorite people, especially the ones who put Boise State stickers on bombs.

My concern is this: Are the Broncos unable to sell their Fiesta Bowl ticket allotment?

Chadd Cripe adds a little bit more detail to the situation.

Boise State accepted 19,000 Fiesta Bowl tickets — 1,500 more than the bowl's requirement. Now the school hopes to send 1,500 tickets to Luke Air Force Base (in Glendale, AZ).

So what exactly happened here? Did the Broncos get a little greedy and think they could sell more tickets than they really could? What prompted the addition of 1,500 tickets? Why, Boise State? Why?

It wouldn't be that big of a deal except that every ticket that the Broncos don't sell has to be paid for out of BSU's bowl payout. Taking on an extra 1,500 tickets at $150.00 each equates to $225,000. Yikes. Here's hoping that Bronco fans are generous, have cash to burn, and/or really like Bronco basketball. Those who purchase a Fiesta Bowl ticket for a military member get two free tickets to a basketball men's/women's doubleheader.

(Note: Situations like this appear to be a growing trend inside the Bronco athletic office. They expand the stadium and raise ticket prices, then scramble when games aren't sellouts. They request additional Fiesta tickets, then scramble to try to get rid of them. To me, their decisions reflect a disconnect with Bronco fans, and that disconnect turns into marketing that just doesn't work. I may be off-base with this assessment, but that's increasingly how I see things.)

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