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Bowl Pick 'Em Update: Fabulous prizes revealed, more fabulous prizes to come

Have you signed up for Bowl Pick 'Em yet? It's only the most fun you'll ever have.

Join with your fellow OBNUG friends and family in a good old-fashioned bragging rights content, except in addition to bragging rights you will also win actual prizes. What kind of prizes? Find out after the jump, and get the latest on OBNUG's Bowl Pick 'Em group.

Those fabulous prizes Nick alluded to? They exist!

Tis the season to take advantage of OBNUG's generosity. For the winner of pick 'em, a number of outstanding prizes await. For the losers, nothing. Pick 'em is not a charity.

  • Fabulous prize #1: A Boise State bobblehead
  • Fabulous prize #2: A limited edition Boise State art print
  • Fabulous prize #3: Self-confidence

But wait! There's more.

The current roster for OBNUG's pick 'em group sits at 47 participants, which makes me very proud. However, my greed exceeds my benevolence, and like Dustin Lapray at a bandanna liquidation sale, I want more, more, more.

If the pick 'em group grows to 50, I will add another prize to the mix: A lifetime spot on the OBNUG sidebar where your pick 'em win will live in infamy.

But wait! There's more, part deux.

Selfish me, I think we can do better than 50 participants. That's why I'm raising the stakes that were just raised a couple sentences before. Raise the raise!

If the pick 'em group grows to 75, I will throw in still another prize: A $15.00 gift card to the online music store LaLa. They sell MP3s for $0.89 and CDs for under eight bucks. And if the winner happens to not be into music, I'll change it to an iTunes card, and you can gorge yourself on apps and 30 Rock episodes.

But wait! What if we get to 100?

I'll cross that bridge when we get to it. And we WILL get to it.

The gauntlet has been laid down, OBNUG friends. Coerce your coworkers into joining. Sign up your family members, both football-loving and metrosexual. Do whatever it takes, and you will be justly rewarded. Well, one of you will.

What's in a name? Only everything

One of my favorite parts of the annual Bowl Pick 'Em experience is reading the entry names of the participants. And this year does not disappoint. In no particular order, here are my favorites:

Think you are more clever than they are? Prove it.

Air Force over Houston ... who's with me?!

My official picks are in, officially. Let the second-guessing begin!

I have received some grief from several of you over the season for placing weekly pick 'em picks that were, how did you guys put it, oh yeah, "wrong." Well, how do you like these apples? My top five most confident picks, for those of you keeping track at home, and I know there are some of you actually keeping track at home:

  1. Boise State over TCU
  2. Alabama over Texas
  3. Nevada over SMU
  4. Oregon State over BYU
  5. Georgia Tech over Georgia Iowa

What are your top five? 

And yes, I did pick Air Force over Houston. It's like taking 13 confidence points from a baby. (Are picks like these the reason you guys kid me?)

A word of advice: Picking is key to winning Pick 'Em

With just one week to go before bowl season kicks off (Saturday: Fresno State vs. Wyoming), several of the entries have yet to fill out their picks. Were you all waiting for the matchup of the EagleBank Bowl to be set?

Get thee to and start prognosticating. I have no idea when the deadline is or if you can still enter picks after the first games are played, but I do know this: You do not have a very good chance of winning if you do not fill out your pick 'em picks. Granted, you still might beat me, but I would hope you aspire to greater things.

Don't forget

You can double your pleasure, double your fun by playing in Mikrino's Pick 'Em O Death. Winner gets to live. Losers will probably end up being hated in a Mikrino poll at some point.

Good luck to you all

And I do not mean that.