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Bronco Basketball Update: Has anyone seen Anthony Thomas?

The Broncos split the 2 game week with a win over "rival" Idaho State, and a 3-point loss to San Diego. This puts the Broncos at 5-4 on the season nearing conference play. Continue after the jump for my take on this week and what to look at heading into WAC play.


5 Things Done Well

  • Spreading the wealth: good movement and getting down in transition
  • Rebounding: Multiple Broncos with 8+ boards
  • Using Okoye: Ike had 9 rebounds both games while leading the team in scoring and blocks
  • Energy: Not by head coach Greg Graham, but by La'Shard Anderson, earning a tech by sticking up for the team. Finally.
  • Using Anderson: La'Shard was second in scoring and led the team emotionally.

5 Things missing

  • Senoir Leadership: Yes Ike has been good, but Anthony Thomas has been bad, hurting the squad.
  • Go-to guy: Nobody has taken their game above, everyone looks equal in skill
  • Energy: Greg Graham looks like he is out of it all game long
  • Ability to close: San Diego stopped the Broncos completely late in the game
  • Fans: 2,359 is good for BSU b-ball, but 2,500 is nice IMO.

Stat Leaders:    Points: Okoye-Anderson

                             Rebounds: Okoye-Montreal

                             Assists: Anderson-Noonan

This Week's game: 12/19 Houston Baptist